Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports joined the Holden and Danny Show on Thursday morning to discuss his new article about Robert Griffin III.  Carpenter’s article discussed how Robert Griffin III enjoys the contact, but has learned to avoid it.

After Robert Griffin III’s concussion against Atlanta, a lot of questions arose whether or not he should be running as much as he had been the first few weeks.  Carpenter was quick to note that this is all part of Mike Shanahan’s offense.

“I think Mike Shanahan’s west coast offense is more run-based than those in the past,” Carpenter noted.  The stats also back that up as the Redskins are the second-ranked rushing offense in the league.

His speed and, more importantly, his accuracy are what set him apart from other Quarterbacks in the eyes of Carpenter.

“I think this is more of a college thing, but when you have it in the pros, and he is as accurate as he is short, and throws the deep ball he does long, it’s a fantastic weapon to have,”  Carpenter said.

The inevitable comparison to Michael Vick was made, and Carpenter didn’t seem to like the comparison.  Carpenter mentioned to Holden and Danny that, even at this early stage in his career, Robert Griffin III is more accurate than Vick.

“Unlike Vick, I think Griffin III has the ability to reinvent himself much more so than any other running quarterback,”  Carpenter continued. “I think that is a better comparison to what he becomes — a Steve Young type.  He has the arm strength and the accuracy to become that.”

Steve Young is a lofty comparison for Robert Griffin III, but it makes sense.  Both Quarterbacks were mobile enough to be a threat out of the pocket, but both could also stay in the pocket and succeed as well.

“I think Robert Griffin III will be much more of a passer, but has the ability to get things done with his legs.” Carpenter said.

The idea that Griffin III is able to reinvent himself will be the key to his longevity in the NFL.  Eventually his speed won’t be his greatest asset, and when it does, Carpenter believes Robert Griffin III will adapt because of his phenomenal skill set.


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