WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – A recent Gallup Poll suggests that Americans would prefer a one-party government, rather than having multiple parties in charge of various government entities.

The poll, conducted in early September as part of the research center’s annual Governance survey, found that 38 percent of Americans would rather have the same political party controlling both the presidency and Congress, breaking previous records.

Another record-setting statistic found that just 23 percent of those asked felt the president and Congress should be run by separate parties – the lowest percentage ever to voice that preference in the history of Gallup’s research on the matter.

Still, 33 percent of participants reportedly did not have strong feelings in either direction.

“The data show[s] an increased level of support for one-party rule amid a currently divided government in which the Democrats control the presidency and the Senate, while the Republicans control the House,” a release posted on Gallup’s official website stated. “This suggests many Americans are experiencing divided-government fatigue.”

The release added, “Opinions on divided government have fluctuated over the years. When one party controlled both Congress and the presidency in 2006 and 2010, Gallup found near-historical lows supporting one-party rule. This suggests Americans may simply tend to prefer what they don’t have or see problems in whatever the current situation is.”

A detailed analysis of the poll showed that Democrats were far more enthusiastic about the concept of same party controlling both the presidency and Congress.

A reported 49 percent of Democrats voted in favor of it, while only 36 percent of Republicans and 28 percent of independents agreed.

“There may be several reasons for this. Democrats currently control the presidency and many Democrats may be frustrated that President Barack Obama cannot enact his legislative agenda without the help of a sympathetic Congress,” the release said in explanation. “Also, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to express faith in the federal government’s ability to handle domestic problems.”

Additionally, Democrat interest in unified government saw a spike from last year, when just 35 percent of liberals questions on the matter were in favor of it.

Gallup noted the possible implications of their findings on the upcoming elections.

The release observed, “As the 2012 election approaches, these findings suggest that Americans may be somewhat less open to ballot splitting than in prior years.”


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