WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Hailing a taxi in the city can prove quite tedious, especially when someone jumps in front of you to take the ride for themselves, but those rare encounters usually don’t turn passengers to fisticuffs.

Recent video footage surfaced on the internet of two hurried men in New York City rushing for the same cab, an encounter which quickly turned violent.

That’s right. The two business attire-clad … gentlemen in the video threw salutations out the window while racing for a ride from the same taxi cab. With impatience pulsing through their veins, it wasn’t long after they both hailed the cab that the two men were deadlocked in a brawl for the right to sit inside.

According to the Huffington Post, the fight erupted in the street along Park Avenue South and 27th Street in New York, just in time for one innocent civilian to whip out a cellphone camera and catch the whole thing on video.

You can see for yourself, but these two raging bulls weren’t exactly prize fighters.


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