WASHINGTON (CBS WASHINGTON) — A hypothesis test on Daily Kos explores the suspicion that Mitt Romney is one of 5,000 wealthy Americans who were given “amnesty” for tax evasion.

Christopher Tucker’s article titled, “Dark Secret in Romney’s Missing Tax Files: Amnesty from prison for Top-1% Tax Cheats?” tests the accusation in a scientific method that he hopes other journalists use to avoid the media causing more, “unacceptable decay of our democratic institutions.”

The article highlights Romney’s hostility towards requests for transparency about his past tax records. As of Sept. 21, he had only released his tax records for 2010-11, which many critics have used to support suspicions that he has exploited a myriad of tax loopholes, and off-shore tax havens

Tucker offers the following falsifiable prediction:

“Mitt Romney is hiding the fact that the he was one of the 5000 wealthy American tax-dodgers that Swiss bank UBS turned over to US authorities, as part of a USDOJ-brokered 2009 deal, which both fined UBS for hiding rich American’s money in a massive tax-evasion scheme, and offered the 5000 rich Americans “amnesty” (from criminal prosecution, trials & prison time), if they paid back the tax revenues they stole from US Treasury during the previous years.”

Instead of being in federal prison, Tucker muses that Mitt is only free to be running for president because of the special “amnesty” program offered to those few wealthy Americans.

Tucker admits throughout that he has not actually conducted a full investigation into many of the specifics of the hypothesis. His “hunch” on many issues is used to show other journalists and investigators how they could approach this subject.

Despite this admission, the article pins many direct assaults on the Republican candidate for president.

“Romney’s 1 percent “above the law” & greedy values & dishonest character make him type of rich American to utilize illegal tax-evasion scheme. Proof he purchased “amnesty” from criminal prosecution/prison for tax evasion would be devastating & worse than bad press of being suspiciously secretive & intransparent (sic).”

Tucker concludes that he hopes journalists “connect the dots” and avoid the “looming death of the American Dream.”


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