By Danny Cox

Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins are not doing too badly this season, as they’ve defeated the New Orleans Saints, but came up short versus the St. Louis Rams. RG3 is utilizing just about every weapon he has on offense, and it is working well for the team as they move on, but something is still missing…

cooley RG3, Redskins Could Really Use the Help of Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley may have been the missing link in making Washington’s good offense great. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Washington has already moved up in the NFL to have the fourth best rushing offense and the eleventh ranked passing offense. However, the Redskins still lack the authority to open up the passing game. Even a slight uptick would make their running game even better, and then the upward cycle begins of the passing game improving further as well. A slight bit of improvement and help could have large implications.

The help that they need is a good tight end, and his name is Chris Cooley.

During the preseason, the popular Cooley was cut by the Redskins when it was obvious that they had moved on at the tight end position. While he did play fullback for the team from time-to-time, Washington believes they have more talent in Fred Davis and Niles Paul at tight end.

Still, the two have brought in only seven receptions so far this season for a mere 65 yards.

Cooley is coming off an injury plagued season in 2011, and that is what eventually helped lead to his release as well. But after a 77-reception, 849-yard season back in 2010; you’d think the Redskins could have given him at least one more shot.

The free agent tight end doesn’t believe he will ever have another shot in Washington though.

“If they call me at some point this season, that’s great,” Cooley said. “If they don’t, that’s fine, too. I’m not going to worry about it too much. I’m happy with what I’ve done here. I’m satisfied with my career. If I don’t play again, that’s how it is. I’ll go through the season and see what the offers are. I’ll go through free agency and see if there’s interest. If I’m not playing at that point, I’ll see about whether to retire or not.”

A couple other teams – including the New England Patriots – had expressed interest in Cooley, but nothing ever transpired. Washington is the team that could truly benefit from his addition though.

He is a big target and has a great deal of speed that would open up the middle of the field in a big way for the Redskins, and that’s what they need.

With Pierre Garcon – once he comes back from injury – on one side and Aldrick Robinson on the other, the outside is dangerous. Alfred Morris is helping the running game as is RG3, but that center of the field seems dead.

Davis and Paul just aren’t getting it done. Cooley is someone that always drew a crowd from opposing defense and they just knew he was a threat on the field at any given time. That’s just what Washington may need to have their offense shoot up over the top.

If the entire secondary is caught up on Garcon, Robinson, and Cooley… If the linebackers are watching Morris come out of the backfield and Cooley across the middle… That will leave just the defensive line to spy on RG3, and there isn’t a lineman in the NFL that can keep up with his speed and agility.

Chris Cooley thinks that the Redskins will only come calling if a significant injury occurs to Davis or Paul. It is possible that the Redskins may soon feel they need Cooley even with a totally healthy crop of tight ends.

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