Dale Brown is a prolific author of books about military confrontations and conspiracies. This time he writes about a buildup to war between China and the U.S.

Tiger’s Claw is about what I think would happen if the current conflict happening in the South China Sea starts to escalate”, said Brown.

It becomes confrontational when China’s neighbors, The Phillipines and Vietnam start to build oil platforms in the South China Sea without China’s involvement or permission. And it takes Brown’s go to character to figure out.

“I describe exactly what would happen first when China squares off against it neighbors and then when they try to square off against the United States. What sort of military problems, what sort of military challenges would there be if we had to try to take on China in their front yard?”

And it takes Brown’s go-to character to try to figure it out. “Patrick McLanahan is the hero in many of my novels. He’s out of the Air Force now and he’s an officer in a high-tech company in North Central Nevada. It turns out that Patrick’s bombers are the solution that the United States needs to start to take on China.”

Tiger’s Claw is Dale Brown’s 24th book.


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