Is there something wrong at work and all you do is complain about it? WNEW’s Judlyne Lilly spoke with an author who says there’s a way to change things. It’s called Stepping Up.

Is this you?

“The number one pet peeve was people who don’t take responsibility and point fingers at others and the number two pet peeves was people who complain all the time.”

Author John Izzo says don’t be the complainer. Be the one who steps up to change the thing that’s really bothering you. He describes one worker who – along with his colleagues – was concerned that work was taking over their lives.

“They started agreeing to things like they wouldn’t email each other on weekends, they wouldn’t schedule meetings after normal business hours even if they had to attend some. And within about four months, they had about 50 people meeting with them once a week, all just asking not ‘what does a boss have to do but what can we do?’.  A year later, their company adopted most of the things that they’d come up with.”

There’s a lot of fear in stepping up, ‘I could lose my job’, I could lose my house’, what do you say to them?

“actually people who are perceived as constructive irritants, these are people who are not complainers but do challenge things tend to be promoted and are more likely to get ahead.”

In his book stepping up Izzo says if you take the initiative in a positive way you might even get a promotion.

“Often leaders in the workplace, for example, really admire people who speak up in that way. Not finger pointing because the last thing your boss wants is 10 more things you think they need to do. Instead say, ‘hey, look, this is what I think we can do’.”


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