By Peter V. Milo

PROVO, Utah (CBSDC) – Artist Jon McNaughton released yet another painting about President Obama.

More epic in scope compared to the previous “One Nation Under Socialism,” “Obamanation” depicts Obama smiling over a dystopian wasteland that McNaughton believes the president created.

McNaughton, in a classical-realistic style, shows a cast of characters and objects that are included to provoke debate amongst the left and right.

Some of these characters include a caricature of a Muslim man who McNaughton says represents the “Radical Islamic Free Pass” and a corpse on a gurney that represents the Affordable Care Act, or what McNaughton deems as “Obamacare.”

There are also rifles, F-15 fighters, and a wedding cake for a gay wedding that represents the “Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

In the center-left of the painting, the Constitution lays tossed aside and torn between the words “we the” and “people” in the preamble.

McNaughton described his depiction of the Constitution as when Obama “lied” during the oath of office when he said he would “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Despite the fact the president was formerly a constitutional law professor, McNaughton states Obama “obviously knew what he was doing.”

Each object in the painting, or “symbol” as McNaughton describes them, is linked to a description and a news story.

Like his other pieces “The Forgotten Man”and “One Nation Under Socialism,” McNaughton released what could be described as a trailer to the painting.

In the voice over, McNaughton states he went to an “undisclosed studio” to “focus on the task in a single painting all the mindless, radical, and dangerous atrocities” that McNaughton believes Obama committed.

Although McNaughton has been heavily criticized in the past, he doesn’t seem to mind. In a statement on his website, he states that art critics’ opinions mean little to him “because I only paint to satisfy my desire to share a message.”

McNaughton believes that art “has a way of communicating both thoughts and feelings that words fail to adequately express.”

“If my art causes another to think and to feel, it is a success.”


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