As you get ready for the fall, WNEW’S Judlyne Lilly talked to one author who says you should seek the life you want to live and do it now.

Dr. Les Parrott, says YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK . That’s the name of his latest book. In it he talks about the obstacles that we put in our own way that keeps us from living the life of our dreams. He calls it a mind mog.

“Most of us overthink issues and as a result, we know from research, it literally causes us to not see clearly. The glucose levels in our brains change as a result of overthinking. We have what scientists call ‘mind fog’.”

Parrott, a New York Times number one bestselling author and psychologist says you can do that thing you won’t do because you’re afraid.

“So many of us have on the horizon of our life, this goal, this asperation, this mountain we want to climb, this chasim we want to cross.”

Parrott said he had a friend who was in his 40’s who kept putting off his dream. His friend would say, “all my life I’ve felt like I’ve had this book inme that I want to write and I’ve never done it; I just keep putting it off because I think, well it’ll get easier for me maybe when the kids leave. Maybe need to retire so I have the time”.

Parrott said his friend read the book and realized, “why am I putting this off?

Dr. Parrott has an online companion to the book that seeks to locate your level of resistance and how to get past it and said, “they really get an accurate assesment of where they can find strength in their life that they didn’t know they had.”

Dr. Parrott has developed an online test you can take to determine your level of resistance to achieving your dreams. To take the survey Dr. Parrott talked about in the interview, click here.

The name of the book is You’re stronger than you think by Dr. Les Parrott.


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