WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Washington residents are taking time to smell the roses.

Indeed, people who live in District are the most likely to take a vacation of the 10 largest cities in America, according to a Inspirato/Harris survey.

The survey reveals the percentage of D.C. locals who took a vacation was significantly higher than other cities in four of the past five years, including 2012.

However, 15 percent of respondents say the do not receive any vacation time from their employer.

Of the 85 percent who do receive vacation days, only 34 percent say they used all of the allotted time. Only three percent opted not to take time off.

In each of cities surveyed, fewer workers say they were taking vacation time this year.

The following rankings are based on the five-year average, 2008–2012, of the percentage of city residents who took a break from the office each year.

Cities Most Likely To Take A Vacation

1. Washington, DC – 73%
2. San Francisco – 70%
3. Boston – 68%
4. Atlanta – 67%
5. Houston – 66%
6. New York City/Los Angeles – 64% (tie)
8. Dallas-Fort Worth – 61%
9. Philadelphia – 57%
10. Chicago – 55%


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