By Benjamin Fearnow

WASHINGTON (CBS WASHINGTON) — Athletes may soon be able to comment and respond through Twitter and Facebook – on their shoe.

Adidas has paired up with the London-based shoe designer, Nash Money, to develop a sneaker with Twitter imbedded right into it. Earlier this month, the Adidas Social Media Barricade plan was announced through a YouTube promo video starring Nash himself.

The Social Media Barricade re-thinks the popular Adidas tennis shoe by adding full social media capabilities right into the sneaker. An LCD screen attached to the shoe displays incoming tweets in real time. With the Social Media Barricade, any fan and athlete can remain connected even while an event is progress. Hypothetically, Usain Bolt could gloat before and after his next sprint.

“I’ve turned a smartphone into a shoe in the sense that its cover is made out of shoe materials,” Nash told

The Twitter and social media-sneaker is a response to overwhelming use of social media throughout the recent 2012 London Olympics, where both athletes and fans were able to keep up communications in real time throughout the world.

“You have an Adidas sneaker that lets you tweet an athlete while he’s on the court,” Nash says in a video posted on “In 2016, every athlete may have a shoe like this.”


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