by Chuck Carroll

ASHBURN, Va. (CBSDC) — It’s not a stretch to imagine Robert Griffin III as a fan of pro wrestling. The acrobatic, athletic and quirky nature of sports entertainment seems to fall in line with the Washington Redskins star’s personality. Griffin has Superman socks and his locker is decorated with superhero action figures.

His locker is also right next to Adam Carriker’s. The radio show Carriker co-hosts, 4th & Pain, is a tribute to his passion for wrestling.

Given the close proximity to Griffin in the locker room, Carriker invited him on discuss his fondness of the squared circle.

Like many his age, the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback was captivated by the Monday Night Wars era of the sport where World Wrestling Entertainment (then WWF) was in a bruising battle with World Championship Wrestling for ratings supremacy. Their head-to-head competition each week yielded massive ratings and sent the sport’s popularity to an all-time high.

Of the two companies, Griffin was a bigger fan of the WCW and he wasn’t alone. The company’s “Monday Nitro” dominated the ratings, defeating WWE’s “RAW” for 84 consecutive weeks at the time Griffin and millions of others were tuning in.

“It seemed like it was a little more exciting at that time,” Griffin told Carriker. “You had nWo with Kevin Nash, Goldberg and then Sting in there and Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan was still hanging around a little bit in WCW at that time… I did get my dosage of both, but I definitely leaned toward WCW.”


Pro wrestling wasn’t just a Monday night affair for the quarterback, either. He referenced watching on various nights throughout the week. At the time, WCW also offered “Thunder” on Thursday while WWE countered with “Heat” on Sunday evenings.

Although WWE could counter with programming, they didn’t have the one commodity Griffin liked best.

“I was a huge Goldberg fan when he had that long winning streak, which I think was ended by Kevin Nash when he was fighting for the title,” Griffin excitedly recalled.

Carriker also shares an affinity for Goldberg, who was once coached by current defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

“The spear, the jackhammer… those are two moves nobody can replicate the way that he did them,” Griffin added.

Humorously, they’re both still bitter about the way Goldberg’s infamous undefeated streak (173-0) came to a close at Starrcade 1998. He lost the World Heavyweight Title to Kevin Nash courtesy of a taser gun and outside interference from Scott Hall.

A close second in the running for all-time favorite wrestler is Shawn Michaels, who was pushing the proverbial content envelope with Degeneration-X at the height of his fandom.

Carriker, whom Hulk Hogan said should become a pro wrestler, asked Griffin about what his wrestling persona would be. His answer was classic.

“I definitely wouldn’t be wearing ‘tighty-whities’ or any of the tight clothes that some of those guys wear!” Griffin quipped. “I think I would be a high flyer. I always enjoyed watching the high fly guys (like Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy). All of those guys jumping off ladders, putting people through tables.”

Like the NFL, he noted the career-span of a high flyer isn’t a very long one because of the abuse their bodies endure.

Although Carriker dominates all things wrestling on the Redskins roster, there are a few other candidates to step inside the squared circle. Griffin thinks linebackers Ryan Kerrigan or London Fletcher could fit the bill because of their hard nose style of play.

“But if you’re looking for a big guy I think Chris Baker could be a Rikishi type guy,” he added.

As it turns out, there is a person on the Redskins public relations staff who regularly challenges Carriker to a steel cage match.  On one hand the man has guts for wanting to step inside the squared circle with a man nearly three times his size.  On the other hand, he’s just plain crazy.

Given the size advantage, Carriker asked RGIII which wrestler this person would need to partner with in order to win.

“It’d have to be the Undertaker,” said Griffin.  “That’d probably be the only way he’d have a chance against you and whoever you decided to team with.”

That’s a rookie respecting his veteran right there. Maybe he didn’t be have to perform in the rookie show after all.

Be sure to listen to 4th & Pain on 106.7 The Fan on Saturday morning.

Follow @4thAndPain on Twitter.


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