ANNAPOLIS, Md. (CBSDC) – One bill that was not passed through in the Special Session primarily focused on gambling was the dog bite bill, as it’s being called.

The dog bite bill was aimed at changing a law that specifically singles out pit bulls as “inherently dangerous” pets, hampering owners of the breed with extensively more liability.

Animal activists are pushing to change this law, which also places liability on a pit bull owner’s landlord, dissuading many landlords across the state from taking in tenants with dogs.

Senators and delegates were able to agree that pit bulls should be treated more fairly by putting stricter standards on all dog breeds.

However they disagreed on where the line is drawn for liability for those dogs. The Senate believes that dog owners – not the landlords – are liable if the dog bites, while the House thinks dog owners should only be liable if the animal is off the leash and attacks.

It seems pit bulls will have their day in court, with the same fairness as all the other dogs, just not yet.

The two chambers will likely readdress this issue when they reconvene in January.


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