COLUMBIA, Md. (CBSDC) – The trial is set to begin Friday for the subject of a recent viral video, who was charged with assault after putting on a ski mask and attacking a 16-year-old student at a Columbia high school.

40-year-old Donnell Vannison faces a maximum of 10 years in prison for attacking a student on the premises of Long Reach High School in March. Another student pulled out a cell phone and recorded video of the fight between the man and student, showing the 40-year-old Vannison getting knocked to the ground by the 16-year-old male.

The video was then posted to the internet where it attained viral status, as it circulated around the web, surfacing on various popular pop-culture websites.

The video, which can be seen here, has hundreds of thousands of views online, all to watch a man attempt to take out a minor but to no avail.

The confrontation was reportedly brought on because of a teasing incident involving a female student and relative to Vannison, in which she was allegedly taunted by other students while they threw French fries at her.


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