Dreams are difficult to grasp…. Unless you try to steal them like in the movie INCEPTION.

“Dreams are universal. They’re one of the few things that you can say about all of mankind that are genuinely universal.”, says Davis Bunn, author of “Hidden In Dreams.”

Bunn’s book is similar to the ideas in the movie Inception, and the story is different but just as mysterious and frightening. It’s about Elena Burroughs, a disgraced authority on dream interpretation.

She’s asked to find out why people who’ve taken a certain drug are having the same disturbing dream.

“She discovers that other dreamers around the world have started having the exact same dream, 3, 4 or 5 times a night, predicting a world-wide financial collapse. These new dreamers have never taken the drug.”

Bunn would not reveal just what the dream entails exactly.

He did reveal an important plot point.

“The two people who absolutely disagree with the idea that there is a foretelling element die, supposedly of natural causes. But they both die very early on and it leads Elena to suspect that there is a genuine external manipulation to the dream state.”


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