by Chuck Carroll

ASHBURN, Va. (CBSDC) — When Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker learned the team’s heaviest training camp practice was moved to the afternoon he developed a rather odd and sweltering routine to prepare himself for the extreme heat.

Perhaps fortuitous, the Redskins officially open training camp today with the region under a heat advisory. Temperatures could surpass the 100-degree mark this afternoon.

In years past the Redskins held their full practice in the morning.

So how did the 6-foot-6, 305-pound starting left defensive end prepare?

“Basically in an attempt to mimic what I’m going through in training camp I put on a t-shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, one of my winter Nebraska — what I wore in the winter in Nebraska when it was 0 degrees and the bears are hibernating because they’re smart enough not to go outside,” Carriker said recently on 4th & Pain, a show he co-hosts with me. “I’m wearing this Nebraska hooded sweatshirt and then I’m wearing a winter stocking cap and then I put the hood on. Then I’ll go run outside. And then I go lift at the gym.”

Most people would call the layers of winter clothes sufficient in preparing for the triple-digit heat. Not Carriker, whose routine borders on unhealthy insanity.

“On the way to the gym I’m cranking the heat at 90 degrees full-blast as hot as it’ll go,” he said. “You know how when you get back to your car it’s always 10-times hotter than when you left it? I don’t cool it down. I don’t roll the window down. I blast the heat. I make it hotter. It’s just my little attempt to mimic that head which is going to be ridiculous throughout training camp. And then I lift. I do 500 pounds, I do 405 on the close-grip. This is just how I’ve been training. I sure hope it pays off because it sure hasn’t been a lot of fun.”

The Redskins hold a closed practice this morning before opening the gates to fans for a full practice shortly before 3 p.m. when temperatures will be in the high 90’s — feeling more like 105 degrees.

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