This is the time of year where every NFL team is a contender; everyone is undefeated and excited about the potential of their teams.  This is evident in Carolina Panthers Center Ryan Kalil guaranteeing The Charlotte Observer a Superbowl win this year.

Eric Davis, a former All-Pro corner back and Superbowl XXIX winner with the San Francisco 49ers joined ‘Holden and Danny’ to discuss the expectations for the Redskins as they set to start training camp.

“(The most important thing is) guys understanding their roles,” said Davis. “This is the time you need to establish what it is you are all about… if a guy is a star on the team, he needs to perform like that star, that leader has to be that leader, that backup needs to understand the importance of his role.”

As far as national attention on the Redskins, the current 49ers color analyst and new host of the show “NFL AM” on NFL Network thinks there is more pressure on Griffin III within the fan base than there is around the country.

“There is a lot more pressure coming out of Redskins camp, that’s where most of the pressure is coming from,” said Davis. “This is the team that is supposed to be ready to make the playoffs and contend for that NFC title… and nationally that is not how everyone is viewing it.”

Eric Davis also believes Mike Shanahan has to show the organization substantial improvement this year if he wants to keep his job.

“He has to do something, Mike Shanahan is barely above .500 since John Elway was gone… it really truly is time for him to produce,” Davis said.


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