Remember the TV show Lie to me?

It was all about a specialist in lie detection. Meet the real human lie detector Greg Hartley, former U.S. Army Interrogator.

“In one case you’re after actionable intelligence that gives us the capability to prevent something from happening. In other cases, we’re trying to discover who actually caused something to happen. So two different process, one’s after confession, the other is after getting information and it depends on which way you’re going. Either way you have to verify the truth.”

Hartley, along with his writing partner Maryann Kerinch, have written a new book called How To Spot A Liar: Why People Don’t Tell the Truth…and How You Can Catch Them. It’s their 7th book together.

Kerinch says, “There are four different types of lies. One of them would be transference, meaning you just steal somebody else’s story. Or maybe I want to lie by omission – I just don’t want to tell you everything I did. Another lie would be commission – I just flat out tell you a lie (I landed on the moon). Then there’s the lie of embellishment which is just going a little bit beyond.”

Hartley and Kawrench say people like for a variety of reasons. Some lies are benign, like embellishing an event, others are more sinister – lying for manipulation, but a trained eye can see the lie.


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