college football writer Dennis Dodd told the Junkies on Tuesday that as far as a football program goes, Penn State has a very difficult road ahead.

Dodd believes the sanctions imposed on the team could up being more detrimental than the “death penalty” would be.

“Someone told me Sunday, when I was working the story that there was a possibility when this comes down that [Penn State] may have wished for the death penalty. I’m starting to understand what that person meant. This thing could be everlasting. Instead of a having a finite ‘We’re not going to have football for one or two years…they are going to be competing numbers wise at a 1-AA level for four years in the Big 10. That’s assuming all those kids filling out scholarships are Big 10 level talent. Which we know isn’t going to be the case…It’s going to be ugly, it’s going to be long-lasting. I think probably 8 years before we can talk about Penn State going to a bowl game.”

Dodd also thinks this could really change how programs address wrongdoings in the future. “This is the ultimate A-bomb. If this doesn’t give pause to the next coach or administrator who thinks about covering up inflammation…then nothing will. ”

Listen To The Full Interview Below:


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