A Good Read: The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town: Rehoboth Beach Stories

by Judlyne Lilly

Where do you like to beach yourself?

“The subtle charms of Rehoboth. Leave the car behind. Slow down a bit. Step back in time a bit when things are less hustle & bustle and loud & busy”, says Rich Barnett.

Barnett fell in love with Rehoboth 16 years ago and pretty much lives there all year round. He’s written what he calls an ode to the unique beach community called The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town: Rehoboth Beach Stories.

“It’s a mix of high brow & low brow. It’s a mix of gay people and straight people. People from the major mid-Atlantic urban centers come here as do people from the more rural areas.”

Barnett says the book makes for a perfect read at the beach. “It’s a collection of 40 little vignettes and those stories cover things from a little bit about food & drinking, a lot about nature, a lot about the environment, a lot about the architecture.”

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