WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Lucas Giolito, Washington Nationals first-round pick, joined Holden and Danny Tuesday to discuss signing his contract last Friday.

The Nationals signed the high school right-handed pitcher from Southern California with a $2.925 million signing bonus. The No. 16 overall pick signed just moments before the 5 p.m. deadline.

Holden ran into Giolito for the first time during the New York Yankees at Washington Nationals series in early June and asked if Giolito knew then that he would sign with the Nationals.

“I was completely up in the air at that point; so that trip – being able to come out, being able to feel a part of it, being able to meet all those people – it was really, really cool. It was a great opportunity and I’m glad I came out that time.” Giolito said.

Holden then asked what swayed him to go with the Nationals.

“Being out in D.C., seeing the city, meeting a bunch of the guys and seeing what the program was like. Obviously, the Nationals are still up-and-coming and such a great organization,” Giolito said.

Danny asked, so far, what the Nationals have asked him to work and focus on.

“At this point, it’s getting down to Florida and working on the rehab, working on continuing to strengthen all different parts of my body and hopefully I’ll be able to start pitching again. We’ll see what the Nationals want to do with me,” Giolito said.

Giolito suffered a sprained UCL in his right elbow in March. A week before the injury, the 18-year-old clocked a 100 mph fastball during the opening days of the season at Harvard-Westlake High School.

With Giolito standing at 6’6’’ and 240 pounds, Danny asked how his mechanics have been working to get everything going towards home plate.

“A couple of years back it really was all over the place, I didn’t really know what I was doing – I had arms and legs going everywhere,” Giolito said. “But over the past couple of years, I’ve kind of grown into my body a little bit and felt it out. Hopefully with all the great coaching and everything I’ve been able to get out here in D.C. and down in Florida I’ll be able to get even better and everything will come together.”

Danny asked, if Giolito was to provide his own scouting report, what it would sound like.

He said though he hasn’t pitched in a bit, you could expect a fast ball as he likes to work off the fast ball and mix it up and throw a change-up, as well as a curve ball.

On Sunday, actor Samuel L. Jackson tweeted to Giolito congratulating him for signing with the Nationals.

“I’ve met him once before, he’s a friend of my dad; they’ve played golf together in the past. To be able to see him tweeting at me and showing me support was really, really awesome,” Giolito said.


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