Lurch’s Locks: Papa Loves Meaningless Lists

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Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Lurch's Locks Lurch's Locks
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We debated for an hour this morning on where the Skins belong on the NFL ladder of power rankings. One list we saw had them 28th , the other 24th.

I’ve done extensive research and we all know the only power rankings that really matter are the LPP’s. Here you go.

32. JAX- Is there any doubt? New owner has no idea what he’s getting into.

31. CLEVE- Trent Richardson will probably get injured by Week 3 and The Dog Pound will be screamin for Brandon Weeden by Week 4.

30. INDY- Luck has zero running backs to help him. His leading receiver will be his college buddy at tight end.

29. MINNY- How healthy is AP? Greg Childs might be a fantasy sleeper.

28. MIAMI- Signing Ocho should tell u how light they are at wr. I can see them starting Tanneyhill by Week 7.

27. ST LOUIS- They have a proven coach now and they had a great draft. This team will get better, but at least a year away.

26. SEATTLE- I can’t believe they took Wilson in the 3rd and does Pete Caroll think Matt Flynn is the answer?

25. JETS- I think they take a major step back this year. The Sanchez – Tebow saga will be a disaster and where are the weapons? Stephen Hill?

24. OAK- The defense gave up way too many points last year and they couldn’t really improve through the draft. They play SD, Pitt, Den and ATL in first 6 weeks.

23. WASH- I just can’t put them much higher at this point. Too many question marks at key positions and a tough schedule to open and close the season.

22. TBAY- Freeman had a horrible year, but they add VJAX and Dallas Clark. He has 4 legit weapons to throw to and they drafted Doug Martin. They will be better.

21. BUFF-They completely fell apart when Fred Jackson got hurt, but adding Mario and drafting Gilmore help the def huge.

20. ARIZ-  Kolb has to earn the cash this year. They won 8 games last year with John Skelton playing most of the season. Kolb has 2 legit wrs now with Fitz and Floyd.

19. CAROLINA- Huge upside with this team. If Cam cuts down the turnovers this offense might be scary.

18. SD- I’m just not a believer anymore. I saw a decline in Rivers last year and they lose alot with VJAX leaving. They need Ryan Matthews to be a pro bowler and I just don’t see it yet.

17. CINCY-  A slight step backwards for the Bungals. Will Dalton improve? I just don’t see enough at running back to get that excited.

16. TENN- Chris Johnson will have huge bounceback season. Britt stays healthy and they draft Kendall Wright. More weapons for Locker when he eventually starts.

15. DETROIT -They are explosive, can’t deny that, but injury questions at top 2 rb spots and Avril not signed yet. Can they stop anyone yet?

14. SAINTS- I know this is low, but the offseason has been a forest fire. It has to hurt them a bit. Offensively they will be fine, but I just see the defense losing games for them like last year.

13. KC- I think this team really surprises everyone. They had a million injuries last year. If healthy they are a 10 win team. Hillis has huge

12. GIANTS- They are blue collar tough, but Manningham was a big loss and how happy is Osi? I could see this team missing playoffs.

11. CHICAGO- Forte is close to signing. Cutler will have a huge year. They have depth at wr now.

10. DALLAS- Too much talent to ignore. They add 2 huge pieces in secondary. If Romo plays 16 games they are in playoffs.

9. DENVER- Yep, I am buying in. Peyton is the difference.

8. PITTS- Are they getting too old? Probably, but adding 2 young studs on the line will be huge for BRoth.

7. ATLANTA- I think they switch places with the Saints this year. Two legit threats at WR and a workhorse RB. They also add depth at off line in draft.
Matt Ryan in for a big year.

6. PATS- The Welker deal is strange to me. He has had 600 catches in 5 years. I would think if Brady wants his guy, you give it to him. Too many weapons in the passing game. Defense has to improve. Who’s the top RB?

5. PHILLY- I think this is the year. Everything hinges on Vick and his health of course. Year 2 with the Wide 9 should work. Secondary is too good.

4. SF- My boys!!!!! Loaded on defense, but gotta get Goldson signed and adding 2 weapons to spread the field will be huge for Smith. Don’t sleep on
:LaMichael James.

3. BALT- Flacco still not better than Romo, but the team is. Ray Rice needs to get signed asap. I like Bernie Pierce at backup RB.

2. HOUSTON- If Schaub doesn’t get hurt last year they may have gone to the show. The defense will be sick.

1. PACK- Rodgers gets back to back MVPs. Their top 5 picks in the draft were all on defense. They won’t go 15-1, but they are still the best.

Things will change over the next 5 months, but here are my July picks for the post season.



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