Former Ravens head coach and current NFL network analyst, Brian Billick, joined “The Junkies” on air Wednesday to talk a little football.

Billick spoke about the “bust potential” for RG3, saying that unfortunately the league is full of guys with outstanding resumes, who just didn’t turn out.  “I just can’t imagine circumstances where RG3 would not perform well.  The biggest thing that concerns me is the expectations that the fans have.”

The former coach also weighed in on who is a better quarterback—Tony Romo or Joe Flacco?  Billick said he likes the way that Romo moves in the pocket.  He also said he respects him for the role he plays in Dallas, because being a quarterback there is like being the shortstop for the Yankees, it comes with a whole different set of burdens.  As for Flacco, Billick praised his play, and said he would take him for a long-term deal because of his youth.

Billick also talked about his free time and hobbies which included traveling, that he’s trying to squeeze in before the season starts.  He recently returned from a vacation in Africa.


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