WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Ian Rapoport, of NFL.com and NFL Network, joined Holden and Danny on Tuesday to chat about everything RGIII.

With Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III being busy with OTAs that ended last month and shooting commercials and appearing on talk shows recently, Danny asked Rapoport if Griffin has too much on his plate.

“He says all the right things, and a lot of athletes do, ‘I’m only concentrated on football; that’s the most important thing,’ and I could see how it looks … you’re sort of getting pulled and prodded in all these different directions,” Rapoport said.

But he said the most interesting thing was what Griffin’s fiancée, Rebecca Liddicoat, said during his conversation with her during last week’s Subway commercial shoot.

“All she kept talking about was how he wanted to be done with all of this so he could get back to Waco, get back to Baylor where they still have an apartment, and then have that passing camp with Garcon and Moss and all those guys coming down,” Rapoport said.

Holden continued to ask about Liddicoat as he said she has been behind the scenes so much that Redskin fans don’t really know much about her.

“I would say she’s a little shy, definitely devoted … he is really gonna need that considering how many people are going to be coming at him and how many different people are gonna want to have him do different things, so just based on my conversation with her and him she really seems like a grounding influence,” Rapoport said.

Danny shifted the discussion to the unofficial-team passing camp that was held in Waco, Tx. last Friday.

“Passing camps are generally pretty overrated, I don’t think anything you do without coaches – really without the playbook – in July is gonna help in September and October. The thing that struck me about this camp, in particular, was that it was in one of the more hard to reach places around,” Rapoport said about the city which is more than an hour outside of Dallas.

“[Athletes and football players] generally don’t like things that are inconvenient and annoying; and this is annoying and inconvenient. And still, a ton of teammates – including all of the important guys – flew down to Waco to hang out with their rookie quarterback who just took the reins of this franchise, and it sounds like they were happy to do it,” Rapoport said.

Receivers Santana Moss, Pierre Garcon, Anthony Armstrong and Brandon Banks were in attendance, along with tight end Fred Davis, according to The Fan’s Grant Paulsen.

The Redskins’ training camp begins on July 26.

Danny said after Cam Newton’s impressive rookie performance last year, with 21 touchdowns and 4,051 yards, expectations of RGIII have been raised to that of Newton’s.

“His numbers will be interesting – and assuming the receiving core really is pretty decent – I think he’ll put up some numbers,” Rapoport said. “But I didn’t get the sense that he really cares. I think the opportunities that he’ll have to win are enough that if he throws for 2,000 yards and let’s say the team goes 8-8, I think he’ll be happy … I got the feeling that the team record is really the only thing he’s caring about.”


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