WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — A new United Nations report finds that hundreds of millions of people across the world smoke marijuana.

The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime “World Drug Report” states that between 119 million to 224 million of people 18 and older used marijuana in 2010, making it the most consumed drug in the world.

The report points to the rise of people growing their own weed indoors.

“[T}he rise in indoor cultivation of cannabis is often related to an increase in cannabis potency, which is reflected in the data only to a limited extent,” the report states. “Such increases in potency may explain, in part at least, the increase in treatment demand among cannabis users, though this may also be related to the cumulative effects of prolonged use of cannabis.”

The U.N. found that the use of marijuana grew in Europe, North America and Oceania in 2010.

After marijuana use came amphetamines, where up to 52 million people globally used the drug. Nearly 36 million used heroin and morphine and another 20 million used cocaine.

The U.N. believes that the use of cocaine and heroin will fall, but they do not see the same for marijuana, which will likely grow.

“The prominence of heroin and cocaine in illicit drug markets may decline over the next few decades,” the report says. “In contrast, there are currently no signs that the popularity of cannabis is going to fall, overall, and it is most likely going to remain the most widely used illegal substance.”

The report also warns that the use of synthetic drugs like bath salts could rise, also.


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