ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio joined the Junkies on Monday and discussed Jonathan Vilma’s appeal, the NFC East race and of course Fred Davis’ bizarre court case.

Davis made headlines last week which he represented himself in a court battle over a restraining order. Embarrassing details such as juice throwing and escort involvement were brought up by Davis and a woman named Makini Chaka.

“There is no reason for a guy who is… making 5-6 million dollars not to have a lawyer,” Florio said.  “Even though Chaka doesn’t have a lawyer either. I mean, if you had a lawyer in this case like this going against somebody who doesn’t, you could knock this thing out pretty quickly. ”

“It’s entertaining, but it’s not real smart. And I don’t know why the people close to Davis aren’t insisting he have a lawyer for this thing.”

Too Listen To The Full Interview, Click Below


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