WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Over two weeks after initially filing with the Federal Election Commission, a new Massachusetts super PAC recognized the benefits of Spellcheck.

According to The Boston Globe, Massachusetts Forward Inc. submitted an amended statement of organization on June 12 after correcting a noteworthy error: the original filing misspelled Massachusetts with one T and an extra S.

While the Virginia-based PAC was created in late May, the group has yet to disclose its political affiliation. However, the group’s treasurer, Chris Marston, works for North Rock Reports LLC, a political consulting company in Virginia that caters to a largely GOP clientele. Marston has also worked for a variety of Republican lawmakers in the past, including the Bush administration.

Based on the agreement between Republican Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren to reject outside spending, it is most likely that the Massachusetts super PAC will campaign in favor of Republican congressional candidates.


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