What is Ernie Grunfeld doing?

I understand wanting to ship out Rashard Lewis and his bloated $22 million salary, and not wanting to pay him $12 million or so to just limp away from the franchise.  But taking on two New Orleans Hornets castoffs, in Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, and paying them $42 million combined over the next two seasons?  That one makes no sense to me.  The Hornets executives couldn’t believe their good fortune when “Ernie from DC” flashed up on their caller ID.

This move screams of a two-year temporary band-aid, to placate John Wall, and his pending free agency.  What became of the youth movement that owner Ted Leonsis and Ernie were touting last season?  Now, the frontcourt is manned by Nene and Okafor, who tend to watch a lot of games from the bench in $2,500 suits.  Nene only appeared in 11 games for the Wiz last season after being traded here from Denver, and Emeka Okafor missed 39 games for the Hornets last year.  All of a sudden, the frontcourt looks old and creaky.

So, I guess Ernie and Ted’s plan for the Wiz Big 3 is John Wall, Emeka Okafor, and Nene?  That’s a trio that’s supposed to excite and motivate the demoralized Wizards fan base?  I don’t see the upside to this move, but maybe it’s because I’m a jaded Wizards fan that has lost faith in nearly every move that Ernie and Ted are trying to sell us.

I’m not going to jump ship on the Wizards…that’s a bush-league move, to abandon your hometown team, no matter how miserable they may be.  But I’m having a hard time digesting this latest move.


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