Matt Pinto, play-by-play voice for the Thunder Radio Network, joined the Junkies on Wednesday and voiced his displeasure with officiating during the NBA Finals.

“You got to remember, this team was number two in the NBA in free throws attempted during the regular season, number one in free throws made. In this series, the gap in foul shots attempted has grown from game to game,” Pinto said.

Pinto believes the stars on the Heat are getting calls that Durant and company aren’t.

“It is I’m sure, an internal ongoing growing frustration, but its one they know they can nothing about. And complaining about it publicly won’t change the fact that Wade and Lebron James get benefit of whistles and the game is officiated differently at one end of the floor than it is the other. It’s plain and very visible for the nation to see.”

Lurch brought up the fact that we had Eric Reid from the Heat broadcast team on Tuesday, and he was also complaining about the calls and it’s possible both sides are bias.

Pinto was surely passionate about his stance though.

To Hear The Entire Interview Click Below


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