WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Clinton Portis, former Redskins running back, caught up with Holden and Danny Tuesday to discuss his potential comeback to the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson’s retirement, his thoughts on the Redskins and the NBA Finals.

Danny eagerly asked Portis about a potential return to the NFL.

“We’ll see what happens; I think it’s an option. But being away for so long, who knows. I already moved on in life,” Portis said. “If it happens then cool, but if not that’s cool too. I think I’m enjoying where I’m at right now.”

Portis was released from the Redskins on February 28, 2011 after failed contract re-negotiations and repeated injuries throughout his career. But not before he rushed for 9,923 career yards, rushed for a career average of 4.4 yards and scored 75 career rushing touchdowns.

Another legendary running back, LaDainian Tomlinson – formerly of the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets – recently retired after re-signing with the Chargers for one day.

Danny asked Portis where Tomlinson ranks on Portis’ all-time running backs list, and Portis’ top contemporary running backs list.

“LaDainian is probably one of the best class acts in football; the way he played the game was the right way. He was always one of my favorite backs,” Portis said.

Portis also commended Tomlinson for his accomplishments on and off the field, as he said watching Tomlinson was like a human highlight reel.

Tomlinson certainly achieved on the field as he rushed for 13,684 yards, fifth all-time, scored 162 touchdowns, third-most ever, and scored 145 rushing touchdowns, second-most in history.

Portis also listed – in no particular order – Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions, Robert Smith of the Minnesota Vikings, Fred Taylor with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Edgerrin James of the Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, Marshall Faulk of the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams and Tomlinson as the top contemporary running backs.

“The way they changed the running back position, and made it an every-down back, and the go-to-guys of the backfield … I don’t think you’ll see many backs carry the face of an organization again with the way they make backs expendable now,” Portis said.

Holden then played devil’s advocate as he asked Portis if he considered himself as a top five running back.

“In my eyes, I will always be one of the top five, but that’s for you guys to judge,” Portis said. “When I think of the top five, I think of the heart and desire that I played with.”

Being a former Redskin, Holden asked Portis his thoughts on Robert Griffin III and if he thinks RGIII will help regain the franchise’s respectability.

“I think RGIII is gonna be excellent,” Portis said.

But he said the key will be how well the “pieces around him” play.

“They got a great receiving core; of course with tight ends they could be set with Fred and Cooley,” Portis said. “Running backs, I’m not sure who’s gonna be the running back … but I liked watching Helu last year.”

Portis also said offensively, the Redskins look set, but a concern is whether the offensive line will be healthy for the entire season.

“If the line can stay healthy … I think they can get it done,” Portis said.

Holden also asked Portis’ about his recent tweets about going to the NBA Finals games.

Portis said he was facing a dilemma about whether to give away his ticket to the Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat game tonight after his team – the Thunder – lost in the two games he attended.

“I’m an OKC fan, and I’m living in Heat country,” Portis said about living in Florida. “I’m kind of an outcast down here, so I think people wanna throw beer at me at the games.”

Danny asked what led Portis to root for the Thunder, who said he was previously a Seattle SuperSonics fan.

“I just love the make-up of the team, being a young, run-and-gun hungry team,” Portis said. “But right now I just think we’re not playing our game, and letting the spades dictate. I think Westbrook gotta go out and play his game, and Harden gotta go out and play his – as well as K.D. – so hopefully we’ll get back on track tonight.”

Portis also said he doesn’t want to be a James, Wade and Bosh bandwagon fan, and would rather root for the underdogs, which according to him means cheering against the Heat “for the fun of it”.

Miami leads 2-1 in the series. Tip-off begins 9 p.m. Tuesday at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Tweets from Portis:
June 13TheRealC_Portis It’s the nba finals no win will be easy we just made it look that way,
June 13TheRealC_Portis Morning world on my way to be apart of this thunderstorm in OKC, I’m hype like a kid on Xmas !!!,
June 14TheRealC_Portis Morning world it’s so peaceful on these OKC streets, never would have thought a thunderstorm was about to hit again….


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