Thursday night the University of Maryland Athletic Department continued their “Terps on Tour” series, this time in Columbia, Md. at The Green Turtle.  Players and coaches from a few of the teams were there, specifically Mark Turgeon (Basketball Head Coach), Randy Edsall (Football Head Coach), Pe’Shon Howard (Point Guard, Basketball), and Matt Robinson (Safety, Football).

  • Edsall said that he’d like a series with PSU and would call O’Brien soon, but added that with 9 conference games it would be difficult for it to be scheduled immediately.
  • Edsall didn’t drop any hints as to the color of the new field, but said the new turf will be a huge recruiting tool and we’ll be impressed.
  • Edsall also added, the new turf will allow the University to host more events at Byrd Stadium since it won’t be as torn up.
  • Turgeon was able to comment on how summer practices have been going, working on half-court sets so far. Layman and Howard only two missing on the court.  Layman is currently with the U-18 USA team, and said it was a huge recruiting tool for the future.
  • Turgeon added that Len was up to “242-248 pounds depending on the workouts” and that was 20 pounds more than last season.
  • Turgeon mentioned that the team would be getting new uniforms, but “not as fancy as everyone else.” Team will be adding a “Pride” uniform.
  • Turgeon team will be adding new shoes and added “They are out my comfort zone.” My guess is similar to this:
  • Both Turgeon and Pe’Shon Howard gave no timetable for Howard’s return, but it sounded like he should be ready for the season, barring “something stupid, like trying to rush back,” said Turgeon.  Howard said he stopped asking his doctors for a return date so he wouldn’t jinx it.
  • Turgeon said to expect Seth Allen, Sam Cassell Jr. and Nick Faust rotating at Point Guard if Howard isn’t ready.
  • Turgeon also said to expect all three to rotate at shooting guard, and Faust should see time as the Third Guard/Small Forward.
  • Matt Robinson said the new defense was easier for everyone to pick up, and should help everyone get on the same page quicker.
  • Robinson also added, despite being his third defense in three years, he thinks he is suited well for this defense.

For an informal gathering at a local chain restaurant, we were able to get some time with the players and got some decent information out of it.  Turgeon did say he was hoping to have an open practice for the media some time in July, and we’ll know more later on.

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