The NFL Player’s Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and spokesman George Atallah joined the Junkies in studio on Thursday and fielded tough questions about player safety, the Redskin’s cap penalty, and much more.

JP first asked De about Jacksonville’s Justin Blackmon’s recent DUI charge and if the NFLPA gets involved.

“When our players do things that effectively hurt themselves, take themselves out of the ability to provide for themselves and their families, it’s not only poor judgement, it’s extremely disappointing,” said Smith.

“Any player who has a problem, whether its substance abuse or any other problem…we care about that issue, because we look at them as people first, not player’s first. My first thought isn’t about what’s going to happen with his contract.”

Many Redskins fans in are still trying to figure out why the NFLPA signed off on the cap penalty against the team when it’s their job to get the players the most money, but then filed a collision lawsuit against the NFL.

Smith addressed that issue by saying they didn’t have evidence at the time of collusion.

“The position that the league took with Redskins-Cowboys, is that the only way you could punish them is that they violated  some rule. If the rule that they violated is that they overspent on the cap. The way we look at that is, isn’t that evidence in and of itself that there was a rule?”

Smith and Atallah also addressed the issue of suspended players by reminding fans that they represent that guys getting hit and those doing the hitting, and that the NFLPA, along with the NFL developed an agreement seeking out player safety and they do their best to balance those issues.

Click Below To Listen To The Full Interview:

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


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