Capitals rookie sensation Braden Holtby joined Holden and Danny Tuesday on 106.7 The Fan to discuss the extent of his off-season, and provide a clear-minded look back on the team’s playoff run now that the smoke has cleared.

When the Caps took Holtby with the 93rd pick in the 2008 NHL Draft, the last position they probably thought they’d find themselves just four years later is one in which they’re entering a playoff run as an 8-seed on the backs of two goalies with a total of one year experience between them.

Yet that’s exactly where they found themselves as the Capitals began their ’12 playoff run against the defending champion Bruins, only…the one with the year’s experience was injured. But no matter, because Braden Holtby played brilliant stand-on-his-head hockey, quickly becoming the talk of the league. Although, Holtby admitted in the interview that his buzz-worthy performance didn’t phase him; he didn’t even realize he WAS the big story.

Just days before the breathtaking Game 7 defeat to the Rangers in the 2nd round, Braden and his fiance Brandi brought Benjamin Hunter Holtby, their first child into this world. He admitted that although only for a short time, “pregnancy was the biggest concern and hockey took a backburner.”

Speaking of his young son, upon mentioning he’s trying to teach his 1-month old how to walk and throw a baseball, Braden admitted he is a Toronto Blue Jays fan, but he hasn’t ruled out making the switch to the Curly W hat.

“I’m pretty open and really really becoming a Nats fan. I got to meet Jayson Werth last year, which was awesome because I’ve always been a big fan of his.”

Holtby answered questions about the surprise departure of Coach Dale Hunter, saying, “I don’t think it was too shocking for me. A lot of the guys really enjoyed having him here as a coach and everyone respected him.” He added that everyone knew what Hunter had going for him in London and doesn’t think anyone holds any ill-will towards him for returning home.

The young goaltender mentioned he’s spending his next few days trekking home to Saskatchewan, Canada with his father. That’s right. Days. The trip is 28 hours long by car, but how does he stay awake?

“Coffee’s a mainstay. Sunflower seeds to keep awake. As far as the diet I try to keep it as healthy as possible, but when you’re in that store and you’re looking at a Mars bar it’s pretty hard to say no.”

Of course, if you were so inclined you could Tweet Braden to switch his allegiance and officially become a Nats fan here.


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