Former 10-year NBA veteran and friend of the show, Wally Szczerbiak joined The Sports Junkies on Tuesday and shared some insight into former teammate Lebron James’ end of game mindset.

JP mentioned the lack of execution on the final play of Game 4 and Lebron’s seemingly absent killer instinct.

“Lebron was very clutch when I played with him in Cleveland,” Szczerbiak immediately replied. “He made plays at the end of the game. He played aggressively. Now since he’s gone to Miami, he’s got a bunch of things running through his head. Should I be taking this last shot? Should I be looking for Wade? Should I be making the right basketball play? … He’s got way too many thoughts in his head.”

Unlike his time as a Cavalier, Lebron clutch ability was noticeably absent in Game 4.

“It was evident at the end of the game,” Szczerbiak said. “He made the clutch three the possession before to tie the game. Then he has the ball at the end of the game with the clock running down, and then he’s just thinking about what the defense is going to do, and not making the defense react to him. As a result, KG came up, showed a double team and he totally blew the play.”

According to Szczerbiak, Lebron is a fantastic teammate and the deferring you are seeing at the end of games came after he went to Miami. This is possibly even due to “The Decision,” which showcased Lebron as a selfish, me-first guy and he’s still trying to prove to people that wasn’t the real Lebron.

“He’s not that type of person, he’s not that type of player,” said Szczerbiak about “The Decision.” “All the backlash has affected  him in a very negative way.”

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