New Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon joined Lavar & Dukes Tuesday to discuss the opening of OTA’s and the early impact of Rookie QB Robert Griffin III.

By the sounds of it, no specific teams have been assigned at this point, but there was good news on the quarterback front. When asked specifically how #10 has come along to start their summer workouts, Garcon had nothing but good things to say.

“He’s looking good. He had a very good first day and looking to build off of that and he’s very ready to play in the league.”

One of the things Mike Shanahan has been criticized for in his early tenure here in D.C. is his inflexibility with the playbook, in changing it around to fit his personnel, notably with Donovan McNabb. If there’s anything to be read into Garcon’s comments on the playbook, it’s that perhaps the 2-ringed Head Coach is coming off of that rigidity a little bit.

“It’s going out there and doing it, and see what we like about it and what we don’t like about it, and try to communicate it with each other and with the coaches, and try to use what we like and work on what we don’t like; just growing together.”

When asked about the other receivers on the field, Garcon mentioned that they’re all excited to compete and no first-teamers have been named.

Garcon, a receiver who brings almost 200 catches to D.C. after 4 years in Indianapolis, was asked whether the atmosphere at Redskins Park more resembles that of a winning team (Garcon and the Colts made a Super Bowl appearance in the 2009-2010 campaign) or if this team is more of a work in progress.

“For the Redskins right now, it’s a work in progress. We have a young team in general. We have a young offense, especially with a lot of new guys at the quarterback, and running backs and receivers. And our defense, they’ve been good throughout the years. They’re solid. It’s a work in progress for the offense but we have to lean on the defense to help us out.”

Pierre even had some kind words for his former signal-caller Peyton Manning, now in Denver, saying “you always want to see old teammates do well”.

For the full interview with Pierre Garcon, just press play here…


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