Two days after a crushing Game 7 defeat to the New York Rangers, defenceman Karl Alzner broke his silence as a guest on Holden and Danny’s radio show Monday.

A lot of questions needed to be answered about the flat performance by the Capitals, and Alzner was in a fair enough mood to talk about them.

When asked generally at the start of the interview how things turned out the way they did, Alzner responded, “I really, really don’t know exactly why it was the way it was. We didn’t really do what we needed to do with them.” Alzner continued, “I think we definitely could have/should have won that series.”

Game 7’s in playoff hockey typically bring out an extra level in guys, and Karl Alzner spoke to that, confirming that the Rangers definitely raised the bar Saturday night and played better than them. But in perhaps the most disturbing answer of the interview, Karl brought up emotional warfare that occurred within the game, and if the Caps had the right mindset.

It almost seemed like we were nervous. Like nobody really took charge and wanted to have the puck.

At one point during the phoner, Alzner was asked what he thinks needs to change this off-season, whether it be player personnel, management or coaching, but decided nothing did. Alzner added, “Sometimes you need things to go your way, and need to have the stars align. Unless you’re some sort of dream team.”

When asked to speak on the mood of the locker room after watching their season slip through their gloves, Karl Alzner said that no one really wanted to talk, including team captain Alex Ovechkin, who had no words for the team.

Finally, to wrap things up the guys asked Karl if after everything that took place this season, from the coaching change to almost not making the playoffs, to upsetting the Bruins in Round 1 and concluding with the series defeat to the Rangers, he felt the season was a failure.

“Oh yea, I think any season that you don’t win is a failure, no matter if you’re expected to win it all or if you’re expected to not make the playoffs. If you don’t win the cup it’s a failure. There’s nothing else that matters besides winning. It’s all or nothing.”

To hear the entirety of the interview, just press play here…


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