WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – “A Cap On The Season: Loss In Game Six Sends D.C. Home For Summer”

There would be no problem with the headline displayed prominently in Thursday morning’s early edition of the New York Post if…the Washington Capitals had lost last Game 6.

…but, as we are all probably intimately familiar by now, the home team cleaned up Wednesday night, defeating the Rangers 2-1 at the end of regulation, sending the two teams back to New York for Game 7 and giving one Post editor a very awkward explanation to make in the morning.

Bruce Arthur, a sports columnist for the National Post in Toronto, got a hold of a copy of the fallacious rag and Tweeted the picture out to his 20,000+ followers, giving the news that instant viral rocket fuel it needed to make its way down to D.C.

Underestimating the Capitals must be a quality shared by New York media, along with the Rangers organization, as this was the second example of such a quality being exemplified this week. The Rangers sent out an email to its fans after Game 4 – a game resulting in a Caps win and a 2-2 series tie – promoting Eastern Conference Finals tickets. Quite the assumption considering the Rangers needed 2 wins to advance.

And quite the assumption by the New York Post, considering the Rangers still need 1 more win to advance.

Only, so do the Capitals.


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