Matt Bowen thinks that Robert Griffin III is already one of the best athletes in the NFL.

The former NFL safety and current writer for the National Football Post said that RG3’s abilities will likely be the cause of many sleepless nights for opposing defenses as long as the Redskins tailor their offense to him properly.

In an interview with Holden and Danny Bowen says that it’s important for Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to adjust to Griffin’s strengths instead of forcing the rookie to conform to their offense.

“When you have a special player, yes you want to teach technique but often times they can make plays when their technique gets a little sloppy because they are that good,” said Bowen. “How do you tailor the offense around that, how do you coach him, how do you push him, how do you develop him? You can’t put this guy in a box.”

Despite winning two Super Bowls and tutoring legendary quarterbacks such as John Elway and Steve Young, Mike Shanahan has built a reputation as a stubborn authoritarian who would rather work from within his own system as opposed to taking advantage of the talent on his team.

Recently, Shanahan put some of these concerns to rest by saying he would adjust the offense to suite what Griffin was comfortable with. Bowen thinks some of those tweaks could be carryovers from Griffin’s days at Baylor University.

“Why don’t we bring some schemes from the college game that we don’t often see in the NFL because we can now,” said Bowen. “You can’t run the triple option with Rex Grossman but with Robert Griffin III you can do stuff like that.”

Bowen continued by alluding to schematic changes that Denver and Carolina made last season to fit the skill-sets of their athletic quarterbacks.

“Why don’t we run some read option, which you saw last year with Tim Tebow, Cam Newton,” said Bowen. “If I was coaching him I wouldn’t get off the chalk board, I’d be so excited.”

Bowen’s giddy review also came with the perspective of a seasoned NFL veteran who started all 16 games at strong safety for the Redskins in 2003. He described Griffin as an impact player who defenses will need to focus on from day one.

“I can tell you from my own experience when you’re playing a unique player, whether it’s a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, it impacts the way you game plan, said Bowen. “If you’re a Redskins fan you should like to hear that, because opposing defenses should be a little nervous when they go to bed on Saturday in their hotel.”


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