Former Major League closer and current MLB Network studio analyst Mitch Williams joined the Junkies on Wednesday and shared his thoughts about Cole Hamels and Bryce Harper’s “old school” showdown.

“That had nothing to do with old school. For Cole to come out and says he’s old school, and he’s going to hit a rookie that has done absolutely nothing wrong,” Williams said. “I will explain to people  at home there are two reasons for a hitter to be hit on purpose. One, is to protect your own players. If you’ve got players on your teams getting hit over and over again. It’s your responsibility as a pitcher to hit somebody on the other team to protect your players. . .

“Or if a guy shows you up — if he hits a home run and wants to stand there and watch it or jog around the bases and do something to show you up, he’s going to wear the next one.”

However, Williams feels that Harper did nothing wrong to be drilled in the back by Hamels, and it was inexcusable by the Phillies pitchers.

“Never have I ever heard of hitting a guy because he’s a rookie. Bryce Harper, since he came up, has done nothing but play the game the exact way you’re supposed to play the game. You run ever play ball out. You hustle on every play. That’s all he’s done. That’s old school. Bryce Harper is old school.”

Williams couldn’t believe that Hamels admitted to beaning Harper on purpose as well.

“If I’m Bryce Harper, to know he hit me on purpose…if I hit a home run off him, I’m going to moonwalk around the bases”

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