by LaVar Arrington

The stories surrounding the issues of concussions in football have been the biggest topic discussed since the recent passing of my friend Junior Seau. He is the latest example of former professional players linked to an on going debate over the effects of brain trauma based off of repeated blows to the head in football.

I did an interview in December about this very topic. It has since re-aired and my part in the piece has been taken and used in other media outlets.

Here’s the problem with the interview: I was inaccurately portrayed in the story to fit the angle of the story, which was geared to perpetuate a growing concern of the safety and well being of children that participate in the sport of football.

Watch the full interview video here, then leave your comments below.

Because this is such an important topic to me I felt it would be appropriate to clear things up a bit.

When I was contacted to do the interview, it was my understanding that they wanted to talk to me because I had been studying the fundamentals of football and how to teach and learn them in an attempt to create a product that would make the game I love safer while, improving the quality of the game. Over four years I conducted interviews with some of the greatest football coaches and players, to collect information that would eventually lead to a training platform that I created.

My purpose was clear then and is still clear now, and that is to help.

Xtreme Procision is the name of my brain child. It came from the thought process of being extremely precise in how the fundamentals of football are taught, learned and ultimately executed on the field. I’m more focused on coming up with solutions rather than indulging in complaining about the problems that exist.

My issue with the interview that aired was they were more focused on making this a story to scare people and to be as provocative as possible, even if it compromised the true story that was being told by people within the report.

They weren’t interested in using my reasoning for being comfortable with my children playing football. Instead they took small pieces of my interview, edited in a way that showed me being passionate about my children and football, painting a picture as if it would be okay if my children got injured in the process, which just isn’t true.

I’m not a very trusting person as I have been part of these types of stories in the past. So every time I do a one on one interview, I bring my own crew to film the entire interview, just in case I later feel like I was taken out of context.

So I figured instead of being a victim and watching my credibility be destroyed for the sake of a story I thought I’d post the entire interview I did and let you be the judge. I’m a caring father and a caring person, I’m not some guy who lives in the woods and feeds my children raw meat in hopes that I’m raising animal like football players.

Take a look and judge for yourself. Surprise, things aren’t always what they seem.

Watch the full interview video here, then leave your comments below.


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