Thursday on The Junkies, SportsCenter anchor Lindsay Czarniak called into the show to talk Caps and let the guys know how her transition in Bristol was going.

Formerly of NBC 4 here in D.C, Czarniak took a job with ESPN last July and has already become a star. She hosts the 9am SportsCenter and he become a regular every morning.

EB immediately apologized to Lindsay because whenever you Google search her name the first image that pops up is her in a “I Love The Junkies” shirt that she wore in-studio a few years back. Lindsay joked that she was currently wearing the shirt, but did say she saw the shirt in her closet of the other day and was thinking of the Junks.

czarniak 1 0 Sports Junkies: Lindsay Czarniak Still Loves The Junkies

The show has always professed that Lindsay looks best on TV with her hair down instead of up. During the interview they asked how she chooses her hairstyle for the day. For some reason, the Junks were surprised to hear that ESPN has hair and makeup artist who make those decisions for the  studio talent.

Lindsay doesn’t get off the phone without talking a little Caps as well with the guys.


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