MLB Network analyst and former Atlanta Brave John Smoltz joined the Junkies on Tuesday and talked about playing golf with Tiger Woods, developing pitchers, and Stephen Strasburg’s inning limit.

Lurch still isn’t sure that if the Nats are holding a 2-game lead on Atlanta in August, that the team will shut Strasburg down because of his 160-inning limit. Smoltz however, thinks the Nationals won’t let him pitch down the stretch.

“Based on what I’ve heard and what they’re saying, no,” Smoltz said. “That’s what very difficult on timing for teams that think they are a year away from possibly being a legit team in the playoffs. We know that baseball does not go on protocol and certainly doesn’t work the way it should at times. That’s going to be an interesting call. Right now I’m going to say no.”

The Junks also talked golf with Smoltz, who estimated that he has played over 30 rounds with Tiger over the years. Over the years, he was most impressed with Tigers dedication to perfection and the shots he could hit in practice.

“TV does not do anything justice when your watch a PGA event. Don’t get me wrong, the cameras are phenomenal. When you see shots that I was fortunate to see up close… it’s just unreal.”

Click Below To Listen To The Full Interview:


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