Let it not be said Chad Dukes is not a fan of Bill Goldberg. In fact, he’s a huge fan.

So, when LaVar Arrington pulled the surprise of all surprises by getting the former WWE and WCW wrestler on as a guest Friday afternoon, the host of the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show about fell out of his chair.

As it turns out, the former Washington Redskins linebacker turned radio personality and Goldberg are friends who travel in the same circles, having golfed together at charitable functions.

Evidently, Arrington’s affinity for DC sports has rubbed off on the man whose win streak once reached 173 matches.

“Hey, go Capitals!” Goldberg said. “I’m a huge, huge hockey fan. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I drank out of the [Stanley] Cup in 2001. . . I have no big team to push for now, but the Capitals are kicking some butt.”

Arrington replied, “We’ll adopt you.”

Goldberg graciously accepted the invite and officially hopped on the Caps bandwagon.

Dukes couldn’t let the opportunity pass without asking him about his relationship with Brock Lesnar who recently returned to WWE after an extended absence to first pursue a career in the NFL and then the UFC.

“Obviously it was kind of unfinished business,” Goldberg said about the similarities between his and Lesnar’s first departures from WWE. “We both left there under circumstances that weren’t the most favorable for anybody, let alone the fans who are the most important at the end of the day.”

Unlike Goldberg, however, Lesnar has returned to the Vince McMahon sports entertainment mecca. Lesnar’s return comes as no surprise to his friend.

“Brock, as a young kid, he succeeded in every single thing that he did,” said Goldberg. “To venture out and try to play professional football without having college experience — LaVar will tell you how hard that is. Big pat on the back to him for that. And then going to MMA and succeeding and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. . . Whatever Brock wants to do, I’m in his corner. He’s a good buddy of mine and we talk frequently. I just hope at the end of the day whatever he chooses his health is in a positive note. We all know he’s had some issues over the past number of years.”

Goldberg also conceded he hasn’t watched the product since he left in 2004.

Despite the prolonged absence, there are more than a handful in the WWE Universe who hope the 45-year-old former champion will return for one more match.

The Rock has returned. Lesnar has returned. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin is toying with the idea of having one more dance in the ring.

But a return for Goldberg?

Although he said “never say never,” Goldberg gave the impression fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath for the match for a number of reasons. Chief among them is shrinking muscle mass as a result of age.

“It’s really tough for a guy like myself,” he said. “Look at a guy like Animal. Look at Road Warrior. Look at guys who are big power guys. . . the older you get the harder it is to be that guy. ”

Also a concern is what lasting impression the final match would have on his career if he’s not able to perform as he did in his prime.

Beyond that he and WWE didn’t part ways on the best terms.

But, if he was to come back and wrestle one last time he thinks it would be “awesome” to face Austin so that his son could watch.

“That’d be a dream come true… that’d be killer,” he said before pouring a bucket of cold water on the pipe dream. “I think at the end of the day they probably don’t trust me enough to put me in there with guys, considering I’m ‘a dangerous guy to work with’ and ‘I haphazardly ended Bret Hart’s career.’

“At the end of the day these people have to understand it’s a violent deal, number one. Number two, accidents happen. And number three, that’s why I work in Japan — they don’t cry if you hit them …That’s a joke.”



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