No surprise by now, the Washington Capitals finished off the defending champion Bruins last night, in overtime, in Boston. Shamefully, certain Boston fans took the attention away from where it needed to be, on the exciting upset by the Caps, and cast a dark shadow over their victory.

Boston, one of the original six teams in the NHL, has a rich history of passionate fans, but seconds after Right Winger Joel Ward put the puck in the net for Washington in sudden-death overtime, social networking showed that passion can sometimes boil over, at least for a select few fans.

The 31-year-old Ward, is a black player who grew up around the game of hockey in Canada, with his parents who are originally from Barbados. Shortly after putting away the Bruins, the Twitter-sphere blew up into a frenzy as people realized the volatile reaction to Ward’s goal by a specific group of hate-mongering Boston fans.

The reaction, was of a sensitive nature, and unfortunately had little attribution to Ward’s performance on the ice, so much as it had to do with the color of his skin. Ruining the moment of glory for Ward, and damaging the perception of an entire city, word quickly spread like a virus across the nation that a few bad apples had recklessly used the ‘n-word’, and gave us a gripping reminder that racism does in fact, still exist in the U.S.

Left Winger, Jason Chimera joined Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier to discuss the glow of the Caps 2-1 overtime clincher over Boston, but also took time to address those miserable few in Boston who publicly spewed their hatred:

“There’s only a couple idiots (it takes) like that to ruin the moment for someone. You just want to go and slap them upside the head. Not to be so rude, but get a life. This is the world we’re in. There’s so much hatred in the world sometimes. And for that stuff to go on, to ruin a kid’s moment like that, and to use profanity like that, it just made you sick if you’ve seen that stuff. No matter what color you are, no matter what race you are, you’re happy for the person for what happened. It only takes a few idiots to make a person’s day that much worse, so shame upon them. You know, those Boston fans are pretty good. They’re pretty passionate people, but that’s way over the line.”

Holden also asked Chimera about the surprise, stand-on-his-head performance by 22-year-old rookie goalie, Braden Holtby, who held the Bruins to just 1 goal in their own home in Game 7. “I don’t think anyone picked us to win except for the guys in the locker room and all the Washington Capitals fans,” Chimera said. “You couldn’t be more proud of the kid.”

The interview did have some levity, particularly in Chimera’s response to Danny requesting him to specify what he said to Milan Lucic when Jason pointed his stick at him, as the two exchanged piercing looks and words:

“I just told him good hit.”

To hear the full interview, just press play here…


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