By Grant Paulsen

NFL draft day is just days away, and Robert Griffin III is in New York City at the EA Sports NCAA Football ’13 launch party, making a guest appearance as that guy that will grace the cover of the video game. Thursday at 8 p.m. when the draft officially kicks off, and shortly after Roger Goodell announces Andrew Luck going to the Colts, it is all but certain we will hear ‘and with the 2nd pick of the 2012 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins select Robert Griffin III out of Baylor University’.

106.7 The Fan’s Redskins beat reporter, Grant Paulsen, caught up with the all-but-lock 2nd pick at the launch party, and sat down to ask him about his experience leading up to the draft, and how the nerves are settling days removed from his launch as a professional quarterback.

“I’m trying to respect the process and not act as if I’m the quarterback for the Redskins. It’s tough, but I want to soak up every moment, and when I hear my name called, really feel that emotion, whatever that may be: smiles, laughter, tears and just live in that moment.”

A lot of talk has been made about the love-affair it seems fans are already having, embracing Robert Griffin III as their own as soon as Washington gave up three 1st-round picks and a 2nd-rounder for St. Louis’ place draft slot behind Indianapolis, and Grant asked Griffin when he first knew the franchise love him.

“Love is something that’s hard to define but it’s also defined with actions. So I didn’t know they loved me until they traded for me. They could say ‘we really like you. We really want you’. But how many times have you said that to a girl straight to her face and you didn’t love her? You have to show her that you love her. In this case I guess I was the girl and they showed me that they loved me. I’ll always work my butt off for them.”

A lot of questions surround the Shanahans, in how much control Mike and Kyle will eventually give their young quarterback of the offense, understanding the power struggle demonstrated when since-retired veteran Donovan McNabb came to Washington, and it’s certainly interesting to ask a rookie how that give-and-take should be between coach and player.

Upon being asked about his current relationship with Redskins head coach and offensive coordinator, Griffin responded, “They’re going to treat me like a man because that’s what I am. By no means are we equal. Mike Shanahan has Super Bowls. I don’t have super bowls.”

Respect level understood, Griffin explained that with the success of their offenses, they shouldn’t be expected to completely change for him, but there should be some leeway,”They’re going to let me have input into the offense. You want a coach that says ‘Look, we’re going to mold this around you. We’re not going to force upon you anything that you’re not good at. We’re going to help you be successful.’”

Grant Paulsen followed up, asking specifically if he thinks the Shanahans plan to tailor the offense to his strengths, to which Griffin responded that that’s what he believes all great coaches do, and the Shanahans are no different.

To hear what else Robert Griffin III told Grant, press play here…


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