Thursday on the Junkies, MLB Network studio analyst Matt Vasergian joined the show and predicted the Washington Nationals could be player in the race to win the NL East.

Vasergian agreed with Jason Bishop that it’s likely the Phillies and Braves won’t be as good this year, the Marlins might not be ready yet, and the Mets are an afterthought.

“Since the pack has kind of come back to everybody, including the Nationals, I think there is even more reason to be optimistic especially if you’re a Nationals fan,” said Vasergian.

Vasergian believes that the Atlanta Braves will be challenged to stay in the race this year as they begin the season with many question marks.

“[Tim]Hudson’s starting the year on the disabled list most notably. A rookie shortstop who hasn’t proven he can hit at the big league level yet.  You’ve got Freddie Freeman, who as good as a player as he looks like he’s going to be for a long time, sophomore season tends to change things,” said Vasergian

Taking a look final look at the division race, Vasergian said, “outside the Mets, who really aren’t even in the conversation at all, it’s anybody ‘s division as ridiculous as that sounds with the Phillies living there. I think the Braves who are in that conversation every year, maybe take a step back.”

Vasergian also shared his thoughts on the debut of the Marlins new stadium, the AL division races, and what he thinks is the worst stadium in Major Leagues.

Click below to listen to the full interview:


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