Study: Most Hispanics Prefer Describing Identity From Family’s Country Of Origin

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — A study shows that most Hispanics do not prefer the term “Hispanic” or “Latino” when it comes to describing their identity.

According to a new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 51 percent of Hispanics would rather be identified from their family’s country of origin, instead of describing their identity as “Hispanic” or “Latino.”

“Half (51%) say that most often they use their family’s country of origin to describe their identity,” the Pew Research Center survey says. “That includes such terms as ‘Mexican’ or ‘Cuban’ or ‘Dominican,’ for example. Just one-quarter (24%) say they use the terms ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino’ to most often to describe their identity. And 21% say they use the term ‘American’ most often.”

When asked if they have a preference for either being identified as “Hispanic” or “Latino,” the Pew study finds that “half (51%) say they have no preference for either term.” If they did have to choose, the study finds that “’Hispanic’ is preferred over ‘Latino’ by more than a two-to-one margin—33% versus 14%.”

Hispanics and Latinos are split as to whether to identify themselves as a “typical American.” Forty-seven percent of Hispanics and Latinos identify themselves with the term, while another 47 percent of those polled find they don’t seem to relate to a “typical American.”

As it comes to speaking English, nearly 90 percent of those polled believe you need to learn the language to succeed in America, but they also want to hold onto their Spanish-speaking roots. Ninety-five percent of Hispanics believe it is important to speak Spanish in the U.S.

Pew also weighed in on the political front and important social issues. Fifty-eight percent of Hispanics believe gay marriage should be accepted. The poll finds those surveyed take a more conservative stance on abortion as 51 percent say it should be illegal. Only 30 percent of those surveyed identify themselves as liberal.

The term “Hispanic” was officially adopted by Congress in 1976 as a law to collect the information of U.S. residents with Spanish-speaking country origins. The Office of Management and Budget added the term “Latino” in 1997.

The Pew Research Center surveyed 1,220 Latino adults across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

  • Duude

    Only 21 percent of those polled identified themselves as “Americans.”

    Its likely because they aren’t Americans.

    • richhenk

      I was going to leave the same comment. This one line really says a lot.

    • Carl

      Since people of Latin American origin all do indeed come from the Americas, it’s interesting that neither they nor you consider them Americans.

      • Belwar

        What else should we call ourselves, genius. United-Statesans?

      • Carl is dumb

        As the article states, most people prefer to be and are called by their nationality. That means they are Mexicans, Cubans, Guatemalans, etc. United States citizens have always been referred to as Americans. Citizens of other countries have not been known as “Americans”. Sorry you have a problem with the commonly accepted meaning of words. Maybe you should quick being a smart@ss or dumb@ss, which ever applies?

      • Fred Zarguna

        Please tell me what other country has America in its name? If you’re insistent on labels, they’re North Americans, or South Americans, or Latin Americans. But they aren’t Americans in the common usage of the term.

      • Sammie Jo

        Canada is in North America but I don’t consider Canadians Americans and neither do they..

    • len

      why aren’t they? South America makes them American. America is a continent — not a country.

      • len isn't too bright

        Then why aren’t we all called earthlings? We are all from earth.

        You people arguing this point are idiots. The most commonly used meaning for American is a citizen of the United States. Sorry it gets your panties in a wad. Grow up.

        And as someone said above – a person from the South American continent is a South American and not an American.

      • Remedial Geography for Len

        America is NOT a continent; North America and South America are continents. “America” is a term that has been used to refer to what is now the “United States of America” for centuries–and we were referred to as “Americans” long before independence.

      • 22caliber

        Africa is also a continent

  • Hfw

    I’m an African-American. Admittedly my ancestors all left Africa around eighty thousand years ago, but the vast, vast majority of my ancestors over the last ten million years were definitely African.

    • RobertG

      Welcome to the New World?

      • WriteLoudly

        LOL ..2 funny RobertG

    • Gil

      Awesomely done, most people will never get it.

    • bluejacket1

      I guess that you have Hitler’s and Bonparte’s DNA. Both were African.

      • k

        That is likely incorrect for Hitler (E1b1b1north african or jewish). The jewish part would likely be correct since it was surmised during his lifetime and supposedly the reason why some people got to take dirt naps.

    • MaxOnePercent

      There is no concrete proof that all races originated in Africa, it is an unproven theory that the modern PC world has latched onto like gospel because it affirms all their marxist ideologies

      • Docbeck

        The anthropological, archaeological, AND genetic evidence strongly support the notion of an African origin.

      • 140/90

        You are absolutely correct. It is sad that many, if not most, who post in reference to various article, know only those lines which have been pushed by the media and popular culture, rather than anything really intellectual. I think much of our nation’s populace no longer reads or studies.

      • Ricardoh

        I am not a very religious person but to believe that all the varieties of flora and fauna on earth came from some primordial swamp is a stretch.

      • Joe

        Well, true enough. There is a decent bit of evidence and it is the current leading theory. It has A LOT more evidence, then the farce of man made global warming. However, in true scientific method, it is just a theory.

        A theory can never be proven, it can only be supported with additional evidence or disproven. It stops being science and turns into religion/faith when you start hearing things like, consensus, the debate is over, inarguable….

    • Tommy

      The commonly accepted science on the migration of Africans out of Africa does not make any sense because the native continent of Africa is 100% black in the sub-Saharan range, and NONE turned white, yellow, red or any other color as we see across the remainder of the planet. Probably what happened was that there were more than one group of Africans on the ground in or around the land mass known as Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe and certain groups migrated outward. The land mass when these groups were created were living in one range that probably was 1000 miles in diameter, and the Mediterranean Sea was probably very small. I highly doubt and find it very suspicious that “black” Africans left Africa and became all of these other groups that we see ranging in color from brown to pure white, all the languages, and cultures….quite a joke That is ridiculous. I am not a racist…THINK. There are no similar groups native to Africa of Caucasians, Asians, Indians(India), Latin Americans…etc. Everyone native to Africa is well….Black African over billions of years. If the migration OUT of Africa were true then on the outlying areas in Africa we would certainly see people of widely varying colors and cultures and we do NOT.

      • bob

        DNA reseach shows that there were two groups, one from africa, the other from what is now europe. the garbage about everyone coming from african ancestry is pure propaganda.

      • SouthronAmerican

        It’s theorized they came out of North Eastern Africa, which has historically been the home of a wide variety of skin pigmentation, not sub-Saharan Africa which is of course predominantly darker shades of skin color.

    • Noir

      8,000?!? ROFL. I hope you’re just being funny and not serious.

    • The Clintidote

      Charlize Theron is my favorite African-American actress.

    • Fred Zarguna

      I’m 100% Native American.

      I was born here.

  • John

    I’m an American of Mexican decesnt. What the hell is a Hispanic?

    • iodiner

      Chango…God bless you for your service, my American brother!


      From personal experience: most Hispanics don’t want to be American they want to remain Mexican, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Salvadoran, etc…while enjoying the benefits only available to them in this country. They want the United States to become Hispanic. Most Hispanics don’t want to assimilate, they want Americans to assimilate to them.

      • Harry Ballsack

        Tell that to the thousands of Men and Women who are of Spanish Descent in our Military..moron

      • changomango

        Hey Harry Ballsack, Hispanics make up 9% of the military yet are 16% of the population and many sign up to fulfill their macho wet dreams or for a “job” not out of any loyalty of love of country, I served with many who flew their national flag (not the U.S. flag), go figure.

      • trigger

        its also easier to get citizenship when you serve

      • Siberdood

        True true true!! Also from personal experience (half of my family is Latino).

        And I have ALWAYS thought of myself as American so it grates on me. If you are living here and anything other, then you are a member of an exclusive club where others can not join. If you ‘have’ to be seen African American then obviously I can’t join. If you ‘have’ to be seen as Italian then obviously I can’t join ……. etc etc.

        Be American, assimilate and dammit, SPEAK ENGLISH. English is not my first language. but my english can challenge every lazy immigrant and most born Americans because I sincerely WANT to be here and I have brought something to the table.

      • Paul

        Puerto Ricans are over represented in the U. S. Marine Corps, and have served our country bravely.
        P.S. i am not Puerto Rican.

      • Proud_American

        Changomango, speak for yourself. I was born in Cuba, but I am an American. My wife was born in Mexico, but she is also an American. Our children are all Americans. As far as “benefits” are concerned, asides for the freedoms that this country has given my family and me, the only other “benefit” is to be able to make enough money and pay enough in taxes to support all the lazy “Americans” waiting in line for a handout from Nobama

      • Settler Son

        It sure does seem that way…of course there are exceptions, but there are PLENTY of Hispanics where I live who rabidly cling to their origin, and speak Spanish to their kids at parks and elsewhere in public….even when the kids answer them in English! I drive 27 miles to/from work every day, and I pay attention to cars around me….very few fly US flags from their rearviews as I do, but MANY fly other flags, esp. Mex, Phil, Dominican, Cuban, etc. If they love their home countries THAT much, how could they ever leave them?!

      • Gomez

        A spic is a spic.

    • Chris


    • Al Jay

      Like that John.

    • Noir

      A Hispanic is, according to the American Government as of the 1970’s, anyone who comes from a country formerly conquered by the Spanish. In other words, Phillipinos, Guamanians, Mexicans, South Americans, etc. Latinos are people who originated in a nation formerly influenced by the Romans and their language. i.e. Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, French. In other words, a Brazilian would be considered Latino, but not Hispanic. Same for an Italian. Hope that helps….

      • bob

        wouldn’t we all be Roman then?

      • Milly

        Italians have nothing to do with anything Spain.

      • Carl

        Why would Haitians or Brazilians be Hispanic? Hispanic suggests Spanish influence.

      • Fred Zarguna

        It doesn’t, because it’s baloney.

        I want you to find a Frenchman anywhere on this planet who regards himself as a “Latino.” For that matter, I want you to produce ONE person other than yourself who believes Latino is a correct designation for Italians, Frenchmen, or for that matter, Spaniards.

        Latino refers to Latin America. It has _nothing_ to do with Rome.

      • nutstoyou

        Invoking the federal government as a reference for definitions is like invoking Obama as a reference for the judicial system — you know, the one packed with unelected judges.

    • JM

      Hispanic describes people who descend from Hispania, which was the Roman name for the Iberian Peninsula. Virtually 100% of Hispanics are white, which makes the notion that anyone with brown skin is Hispanic all the more funny..

  • Ryan

    Well if they want to be considered American then stop checking the box HIspanic, don’t ask for any special privledges and don’t ask for education support.

    Take down your Mexican or other National Flags, speak English around other Americans, and start acting American. How does one act like American? Stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance, fight for our Education services, stop trying to buy the cheap products and stop sending money to family in other countries.

    • Señora Erika Y. Figueroa

      “How does one act like American? Stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance, fight for our Education services, stop trying to buy the cheap products and stop sending money to family in other countries.”

      I am an American. A proud American. I’m also of Puerto Rican ancestry. I stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and I never begged anyone for anything. I’m also a Combat Veteran. I also savor my Puerto Rican/Spanish heritage via language, food, music and culture. I fly a Puerto Rican flag in my car. I have both the American and the Puerto Rican flags on my desk. I send money to family and friends in need.


      If American Irish can celebrate St. Patricks Day, the American Germans have beerfests or Jewish Americans can speak Hebrew then I should be able to speak Spanish and listen to Celia Cruz whenever I damned well please without some angry Gringo telling me in essence “to go back home”.

      Luckily for your stupid culo I donned an American military uniform so you could be free to profess your bigotry anonymously on a website.


      • iodiner

        Erika, I appreciate your comments, and bless you for your service – but you rarely have to press 1 for Yiddish.

      • Eliot

        Wow, I love your rant! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Harry Ballsack

        AWESOME!! Truth be told!!

      • Lilian

        Good for you.

      • Sean

        Very well said. I believe part of the reason why Ryan feels he is more American than Hispanics or other minorities is media’s endless propaganda and stereotype. When was the last time you heard on fox news of contribution of Hispanic soldiers or other minorities in the military. Since most people makeup their mind by passive listening, they believe what media tells them. Just like this story is a great example of picking up a story and running it to stereotype Hispanics.

      • standwatie

        Actually, I have no problem with the Puerto Rican flag. I see it like any State flag. You guys are Americans by birthright. Where I have a problem is when you talk to third generation Americans of Cuban descent who say they’re “Cuban” not even saying “Cuban-American.”

        I can’t stand the term “African-American” since these folks have nothing in common with Africa. And what would we call a white person born in Africa who moves to the US and becomes a naturalized citizen? For he/she is truly an “African-American.”

      • Nice work DC

        Don’t try to throw your military experience out there like some trump card because it’s not. Just because you joined the military doesn’t make your opinion more valid. Not to mention, we’ve lost more freedoms since you’ve been in the military than any other time in the history of this great country. See Patriot Act, NDAA for some examples.

        As far as St Pattys and beerfest, when’s the last time you saw a group of Irish-Americans or German-Americans cruising down a popular boulevard with an Irish or German flag draped across the hood of their cars. Or any of these groups voicing there opinion about someone wearing an American flag on “their’ day of celebration. If you need more information google “La Raza” that’s the American Pride(or lack there of) that Ryan is talking about.

      • I am Martin Hessler

        “angry Gringo”…..?

        American Irish, American Germans, Jewish Americans don’t get points added to their SAT scores, special preferences in school admission decisions, or insist that they be taught in Gaelic, German or Hebrew.

        They don’t insist that they be called a hypenated American; they, too, have fought and died in huge numbers (many more than Hispanics) in wars the preserve all our freedoms.

        “Luckily for your stupid culo I donned an American military uniform so you could be free to profess your bigotry anonymously on a website”…..
        Now there’s a door that swings both ways. I’d like to see your 214.

      • 140/90

        Well said, Erika.. I served in the Army from 1958 and into 1965, well before lots of the controversy we now encounter and well before people were being labeled by the so-called intellectual elite and the government as Hispanic. I served with men who themselves or their ancestors had come from many Spanish-speaking countries and regions. We all got along, and we never talked about what made any of us American. We just worked together and did what we had to do. some people were prejudiced in one w=ay or another, and others were not, on all side. Those who could speak Spanish spoke it at times and not others. Mostly everyone communicated as best they could in whatever language worked while on duty, and in whatever language they desired when off duty. Some of hung around mostly with our “own kind” and others commingled almost completely, depending upon our individual desires. I had sergeants and officers over me whose heritage varied dramatically, but many could speak Spanish. On duty, when communicating with me, they used English, sometimes accented, and sometime not. Somehow, everyone muddled along just fine and the job got done. Some people, of all backgrounds, happily were forgotten, but in other cases deep friendships were formed. Since then, I have worked overseas and traveled extensively. My son is married to a Korean national and they live in Korea. We just had visitors from our extended Korean family. One of my best and most enduring friends is Indonesian who lives in the Jakarta area. We have maintained close contact since 1979 when we worked together in Irian Jaya. I find that human beings of all races, cultures, and nationalities have much in common, a love of family, a desire for happiness, an enduring capacity for kindness, and a sense of comfort when surrounded by all that is familiar from childhood.

      • DixT

        Great singer, Celia was!!!! My ex-daughter-in-law is from Mexico and HATES when she is called “Hispanic!” She speaks fluent English, is here legally, now, and LOVES American culture and way of life—even though she retains her own customs and still speaks Spanish when talking to those who cannot speak English. She worked HARD for 9 years, to get her Permanent Residency—by paying $23,000.00 ON A WAITRESS’S WAGE!!!! Even though she was divorced from my son, my family ALL helped her get her dream of her permanent residency. She lived with me for several years, so she could afford all the fees she had to pay into the INS, over those 9 years. (I wish all Mexicans would have the drive and desire, like my ex-daughter-in-law had!)

      • garretso

        You were doing fine up until you used the word “Gringo”. “Gringo” is a hate-word just like “Cracker”. I can use the word “Gringo” because I am a Cracker. When you use these words, you are guilty of “Hate-Think”. Stop what ever you are doing and turn yourself in to the closest Re-education Ministry office.

      • von Blucher

        Wow – some “combat veteran” – more like someone who served in a war zone but never made direct fire contact with an armed enemy!

      • walkthisway

        PuertoRicans are AMAZING people! How honored and humbled I am that you served our country…People should know what an integral part Puerto Rican’s played in our history. One such event was a group called the BORINQUINEERS. For more info go to . By the way I am not a hispanic . The name hispanic originally derived from “hispanolia”. Thank you for your service!!

      • Proud_American

        Word! BTW, I like the fact that a person born in Puerto Rico listen to Celia Cruz, a Cuban-born singer. I was born in Cuba and I listen to Tito Puentes, a Puertorican and the “Rey de los Timbales.”

      • David Hamrick

        Ms. Figueroa (sorry, don’t know your rank or I would use that),

        I taught my children that “American” is not a race or ethnicity, it is a set of ideals we embrace, regardless of where we originated. We don’t leave the other things behind, we bring them to the party! One of my ancestors fought proudly for the United States, under an Irish regimental flag. Thank you for your service to OUR country.

  • JamesOnThePotomac

    Is Obama


    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Half-black, half-white evil demon of Kenyan descent.

    • 1marg

      Is he an American?

      • jeff

        Good question. Wish we had a good answer.

      • Siberdood

        No. Not by a long shot. It’s never been in his own heart to see himself as one. His actions prove that.

        “just words …. ”

        Really, they are.

    • The Clintidote


    • Mike

      All we know is the /Boma was born in a hut in Kenya and cursed by a witch doctor because of his ears…

  • Brian

    How about we call those Hispanics that are legally here, Americans? The rest of them we can call whatever the hell we want. Who gives a flying #$%^@ if they don’t like it.

  • dave

    Shows you where their allegiance lies. We’re doomed.

  • Sheriff Jayne

    I’m one of those “White Hispanics”!

  • Jack Ryan

    I’m a Texan-American. With Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Cherokee heritage.

  • Mark G

    I don’t want to be called that either. It may be my back ground but I’m American. For 3 plus generations my family on both sides has been here. I have nothing to do with Mexico and also I have nothing to do with Germany either.

  • dennis

    I’m an American of Italian decent. For me, Latin will always be associated with the Latin language and the people of the Italian peninsula. Latino and Latin America seem like inaccurate terms for a person of, say, Colombian decent. The Spanish speaking decedents should not be allowed to use the term Latino. That should be reserved for the origin of Latin in Italy.

    • Carl

      They speak a Romance language that has just as much in common with Latin as modern Italian. But of course, is Quebec part of Latin America?

  • Sinjin

    That’s because the left and media (same thing) don’t want them to think of themselves as Americans. They fit into neat little democrat voting blocks the more separated they are from the mainstream. They are easier to control and coddle this way.

    The general grouping as Hispanics or Latino is absurd. So they share the same language. So what! What does a white Puerto Rican have in common with a Mestizo Mexican other than language? How about a Mulatto Cuban and a white Argentinian? Absolutely nothing in common yet the left confines them to being minorities for life because they have catchy Spanish last names.

    We most certainly need a cultural revolution in this country. The true racists are on the left and they include “leaders” of these “minority”groups. They don’t want equal rights. They want special rights and an easy way to the American dream for the mindless and ignorant supporters. Hand outs, affirmative action,, media preferences, etc.

  • SG

    These types of surveys are always questionable. The second dictionary definition for the word “typical” is, “considered to be an example of some undesirable trait.” I’m not so sure that I would want to be called a “typical American.” I consider myself to be a decent American, not a typical one. Given the options of a survey, people will only pick one of the options that the survey has given them. That’s about all we can really tell.

  • Ray

    I am one of those “hispanics” too because my forefathers came from Spain and I HATE the term! I grew up speaking English, I said the pledge (US) every day at school with my hand proudly over my heart. I served proudly in the US military, and I believe one has to be here legally and if youre not, get out! You can live here if you do it legally. Heck, I even listen to Country music! What the heck does that make me? Let me tell you what it makes me – AN AMERICAN. I never have and never will refer to myself as a hispanic or a latino. I am an American!

  • Tom

    Raise your hand if you like being called caucasion! This will be the new “N” word!

    • Dennis

      “Cracker” is the derrogatory term. You can call me Caucasian anytime because its correct. Just like “Negro” is the correct term for blacks. I don’t like “Honky or Cracker” just as offensive to me as the “N” word is to blacks, but you can call me anything you want. Its not an issue to me.

      • iodiner

        Black and white are just convenient terms, and I don’t see why anyone should have a problem with them. People get all hung up on exact PC terms. What’s the BFD?

      • Lewis

        Concur! I personally dislike “white”. Would seem eyes and teeth should not designate the color of a person. I don’t care for Caucasian as my ancestry is not from that region, but I can accept the designation. I would prefer Japhethic. Hamitic would work for those of african ancestry. Negroes should get over the problem with Negro. “Black” is negro in Spanish and negra in Portuguese . A rose is a rose by any other name…

  • WriteLoudly

    LOL …OMG 2 Funny Robert G

  • RattlingBones

    I prefer to be called a “Well-Endowed American”.

  • MexicanAmerican

    I was born and raised in the USA. My family is of Mexican origin, yet, everyone has always asked where I´m from as if I am not Ämerican¨when they see my last name., its no wonder ¨hispanics¨dont feel American. Anyway, I dont check hispanic on the census sheets. I check white and Native American. I have brown hair, blue eyes,, what we call Mestizo in latin america. I guess they would call me a ¨white Hispanic¨, but I prefer to be called Mexican American if anything because HIspanic is not a race, its a very broad term for people of countries that share a very vaguely similar culture of Spanish origin (some more than others, even when talking about the same country). I think speaking Spanish is important as well as having a fluent knowledge of English. In no other country is speaking two languages or more considered controversial. Only in the good old USA…. I speak perfect Spanish and English, but do prefer to speak Spanish around other Spanish speakers. People here are so ignorant with their comments, always stereotyping and jumping to conclusions. Im so glad I live in the Southwest where there are millions of people just like me–college educated (on my own dime), cultured, mobile, affluent,well–traveled, politically involved, and proud of our cultural origins. Never leaving a border state again (unless I lived in Arizona lol, but that will change soon enough with demographics :-) )

    • changomango

      Funny, my half Mexican quarter Chinese quarter Italian Mexican born wife always gets asked where she’s from IN MEXICO JUST BECAUSE HER LAST NAME IS YONG! As do I who’s half Mexican half black Colombian with the last name of Anderson!

      And what does demographics have to do with following the law or enforcing the law? Guess the Mexican and Mexican American mindset is that laws don’t apply to them.

      And please explain why you’re so proud of your “cultural origins”? Millions of Mexicans who flee their country aren’t too proud at all!

      Good luck with your on-line degree from Tortilla Tech!

      • MexicanAmerican

        LOL funny, I ´m probably more educated then you. What I refer to about Arizona is the violation of civil rights of people who are US Citizens of ¨hispanic¨desccent. I don´t carry my passport when I´m in Europe unless I´m crossing borders and I´ll be damned if I have to carry my passport to avoid harassment in a U.S. State when I was born in the U.S.A. That is what I´m referring to. Obviously you are jumping to conclusions to suit your personal prejudices. And why woldn´t I be proud of my cultural origins? We should all be proud of where we come from, even if its from a trailer park or some tin shack in Appalachia. Lets celebrate our ancestors, our history, no matter who we are…..geeez.

  • Frank Martinez

    I am an American FIRST, a US Citizen by birth of Puerto Rican descent. I fly an American flag outside my home. You can’t ask anyone to leave their culture and ancestry behind, so I’m not leaving mine behind either. Italians don’t, French don’t, Irish don’t, so what is your problem with people of Spanish descent other than flat out racism? I served 20 years in the active Army, and 7 as an Air Force civilian. I’ve never asked for anything from this country other than an opportunity to serve it. As for all of you Anglo-Saxons holier than thou get out of my country types, as usual, you sound ignorant every time you get into these type of discussions. We are a huge political force, learn it, live it and love it. We are conservative by nature (don’t believe the liberal media, they lie), and we will elect Mitt Romney as the next president after we get rid of this fiasco in the WH.

    • mbradleyc

      You had me at “fly an American flag”.

    • phillysmart

      Are you an American or Mexican…If your an American than you live and die as an American

    • Truth

      Italians, French and Irish all learned to speak the main, binding language of the land. This was supposed to be a melting pot; then we started taking in people that were to lazy and stupid to learn the language…it has been all downhill since.

      • Noir

        Look up the word HEGEMONY. The Melting Pot is an antiquated notion and one that you can shove where the sun doesn’t shine. Thank you!

    • ObozoTheClown

      Frank, despite what is being fed in the media, most republicans / conservatives are very pro-hispanic/latino/cuban/puerto rican. In fact, I live in a part of the country that has a high concentration of immigrants (legal and illegal) and they are much more republican than people on this board dream of.

      Marco Rubio is drafting a law which will completely change the views of the immigrants toward the republican party. Watch and see.

      To all of my fellow conservatives and / or republicans, you are foolish to blame the illegals for the problems. WE are the problem. We need to embrace them by adopting a sane immigration policy. How many of you know that EVERY immigrant group that is here over two generations is republican by a wide margin????

      Do you understand that when we embrace the immigrants they will become republican / conservative and we can finally rid this country of the liberal / leftist / marxist / socialist inbred cancer??? THINK!!!!

      • Fred Zarguna

        We don’t know it, because it isn’t true.

        It isn’t true of African-Americans, who have been here longer than anyone else except maybe those of English or Dutch descent.

        It isn’t true of Italians, and it isn’t true of the Irish.

    • Tom

      The only people you have to blame is your fellow country men. They are the ones riding around in low rider honda’s proudly hanging the Puerto Rican flag from the rear view mirror. Again I repeat…..It’s your own peoples fault.

  • Dennis

    If I don’t know where you came from then what do I call you?

    • Noir

      How about by my name? I don’t know where you came from, should I call you a random Cracker? A European American? White Trash? Or just idiot? You choose.

      • KrassbutTrue

        How about we call you idiot. You claim to be supporting Hispanics and Latinos yet you use a french word for your tag name. Confused identity much?

  • phillysmart

    Those results are pretty disturbing particularly that only 21% consider themselves American…very disturbing!

  • netshark

    Of course they believe that speaking Spanish in the US is important. Why be courteous and learn the language of the country you move to when can get catered and pampered?

    • MexicanAmerican

      Let me know where I can go get catered and pampered just for speaking Spanish….is this the same place where they give all these mystical ¨freebies¨and ¨goodies¨ mentioned on here? I´m imagining some liberal Santa flying around throwing gold on us Spanish speakers.

  • pixe1942

    If you don’t want to be called an American then go live in the country that you want to be called by—My Grandfather was an American but his birthplace was Bristol England and he came through Ellis Island….

  • OldOllie

    If I trace my roots back 18 generations, I have ancestors who came from England. However, the United States wouldn’t even exist for another 150 years, so what does that make me? I guess that means that my ancestors came to the United States from America, which makes me an American-American.

    • pixe1942

      Me too,Amen to that

    • LiberalNN

      Per liberals that makes you part of the problem and you should be ASHAMED of your American heritage you pig!

    • Dennis

      If I go back upteen generations, I was a slave too !

  • Dennis

    By race standards, “hispanics or latinos” are caucasians. We can blame the liberals for the stereotypes.

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