McCain: Romney Should Choose Palin As Vice Presidential Candidate

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. John McCain says Rick Santorum should recognize “it’s time for a graceful exit” from the Republican presidential campaign in the wake of Mitt Romney’s sweep of primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

McCain also tells “CBS This Morning” there’s a strong field of Republicans who could be the vice presidential candidate.

When asked to suggest some names Wednesday, the Arizona Republican said, “I think it should be Sarah Palin.” But when pressed to elaborate, he said “I think we have some very qualified candidates,” citing Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Govs. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

Palin, the former governor of Alaska, was McCain’s running mate in his unsuccessful bid for the presidency four years ago.

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  • RightUnite

    Anyone who listens to McCain needs to have his head examined.

    • Momofthree

      I guess RINO McCain thinks RINO Romney will listen…

      • Carl

        Anyone who listens to RINO / dumb twit Sarah Palin needs to have their head examined. She is not a Republican.

      • steamboatwz

        Carl: Palin not a Republican ?!? HUH ???? What are you smoking ? And nice name calling – it really adds to the conversation.

      • latinos for ron paul

        > Note to Neo-Cons including the Laureate : your empire is ending in Afghan where most do. The largess and egesta are over.

        Secularizing and genocide masquerading as patriotism; ditto for the Fatherland. The welfare/warfare state is with you; the workers aren’t.

        True conservatism isn’t congruous with big-gummint; and Crony Capitalism that socializes debt – isn’t entrepreneurship.

        Chickenhawks all in a loud, empty suit worn by a furtive, Runyonesque character.

        But of course Neo-Cons, and Neo-Liberals like BHO and the Trailer-trash Twins only suckle for absolute, Communistic power.

        They have a problem. That 800-lb gorilla and elephant in the room isn’t da wife’s “back door man”, that’s the next President.

        A world statesman and America’s only statesman in a century of Progressive wh0res and psychopaths; his positions are simple truth. Only the healthcare tragedy is complicated – I think myriad subsidies should be unified under a single healthcare plan during the 5-yr interim it would take to return to a free market. However this is better than Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals not understanding their own speechwriters’ talking points plagiarized from Ron. Think “pro-Life” debaucherer, Bush the Younger – with earpiece – aborting fratboy love-child(ren) and blocking 5,6 state, anti-abortion measures : while murdering the sons of the politically non-connected, and followers of the world’s three, great religions (all Semitic in origin) — some for their oil, all for their industry;
        Shrub and Bolton playing musical chairs with National Guards, doctor-son Cheney on 5 yrs bed rest – Sambo deferred for “close and personal” punjis and point.

        Obviously they only give lip-service to Statesman Paul’s traditional Republican and true Conservative agenda of liberty and prosperity through Free-Market Capitalism [NOT imperial protectionism and isolationism]; because they’ll never be more than Communist demagogues.

      • OurElectionHasAlreadyBeenDecided

        Think Mitt is going to pick Sarah Palin after the truth leaked out? I highly doubt it. The state run media cannot keep a lid on it forever. It appears there’s a reason why she acts the way she does, it’s all part of an act.

        Search Palins Dirty Little Secret and learn what the media cannot report, the truth.

      • Tina

        Why?? So we can lose again? Condi Rice, yes!!

      • dakotahgeo

        Even I, as a Democrat, would approve of Ms. Rice, she has graciously turned them down…flat! Wise gal!

    • Jana

      That’s for Sure!

    • ed

      Why Condolizza Rice hasn’t been asked is a mystery.

    • Will

      He would love to have Mitt pick Sarah. That way he could say somebody was even dumber than he, and deflect the questions that will haunt him forever.

      • steamboatwz

        Aren’t you late for potty training ?

      • Dogbyte

        My name is Will. I love to READ PROPAGANDA and believe it is true! I think Sarah is dumb because all of my liberal buddies told me so. She is so dumb she became a Governor of Alaska and helped reign in Crony Capitalism and served her people of the state well.

        My name is Will and I highly recommend you watch Undefeated. The true story of Sarah Palin not the lies found in Game Change.

      • dakotahgeo

        I don´t know what steamboatwz´s problem is above, but he´s a couple bricks short of a load! Ignore him at ALL costs! He sounds like a Democrat wannabe.

      • Sean

        You are right on bro. Didn’t Sarah a quitter any ways? Served people of Alaska well by resigning so she can focus on …?

      • evildoc

        Oblamer resigned from office too, at not too different a time from Palin. Just sayin’

      • Independent

        Dumber? The man has Law and Business degrees from Harvard. We should all be so dumb.

      • barry

        yes dumb you twit. He thinks the supreme court doesnt have teh authority to over rule him. He also can’t realize when anything is constitutional. Its comical. I’d laugh it werent fro the fact that he is somehow running (running used loosly in this case. more apt word is crashing) our country.

      • Airman

        So Mitt can look as inept as McCain?

      • Airman

        Hey Independent: George W. Bush got his MBA from Harvard. I suspect that you apply a double standard with him and Barry though.

      • dakotahgeo

        Please understand that George W Bunnypants attained NOTHING in life on his own! Gw Sr. bought his son´s way through everything GWHaasenhosen ever accomplished! Both of GWBunny´s terms were fixed, bought and paid for by high end members of the Repugnican Party!

    • Benny

      Dear Mr McCain. Please take a seat and shut up. You have made your stain on the race for president and everyone seems to realize that except you.

    • kev

      C’mon guys,he is simply trying to be gracious to Palin and he knows Romney is not taking him serious….its a political game thang.

      • Veritas

        This is 100% serious. He wants Mitt to take Palin, because that will ensure Obama’s reelection and the bringing about of the progressive “utopia” McCain has dreamed of. Not that Romney wouldn’t do that, but he’s not a sure to do so as Obama.

      • Veritas

        I should emphasis that it would give Obama the election by revving up the “useful idiot” base, not depressing the GOP. She would obviously be a boost to a ticket featuring a man whose ideology is left of JFK.

      • barry1817

        trying to be gracious or not, McCain seems to attack conservatives more and defend liberals more, than almost anyone else that I know,.

        If he were the other way around, he might have become president, might be liked more and might have earned a place in history that he thought he deserved for his service and imprisonment during the viet nam war.

        And I do salute his service, but that mean that he gets a pass or should get a pass to go to another position that he has shown himself to be unqualified, or if not unqualified, at least not honest about who he is and his positions

    • thepowernapper

      Time for Rick to drop out before Mitt beats him in Pennsylvania.

      • Michael Walker

        I concur.

    • EggbertSouzay

      McCain is demonstrating that he has a great sense of humor.

    • equinoxranch


      No to Palin. Never ever to lying, scheming liberal megalomaniac hustler West.

      Both Palin and West are simply beyond despicable.

      • TrishaL

        I love West and Palin. So, you’re an Obama supporter I see.

      • america

        keep smoking crack man

      • Gunny G

        You’re dumber than a bag of dirt. Keep drinking that Obummer kool-aid.

    • Johnst22

      Has anyone explained to Sarah yet what a VP does all day? Or is she still going around and incorrectly explaining the job?

    • Jeff Burgdorf

      McCain knows who he really wants …

      • Georgette


      • Dave

        What a piece. Why don’t you shut your face already mcshame!

      • Dave

        Actually, I don’t know why Romney would be on the same stage with this loser. It could be the fix is in already.

    • Sammie Jo

      He’s gone senile, someone take him to the nursing home. He must really want obama to win.
      Palin is too polarizing, and while I like her attitude, if I had to listen to that voice for 4 years,, I would go off the deep end.
      Romney should, IMO, pick Alan West, if for no other reason, that it will eliminate the dems using the race card…………………maybe.

    • peggy

      What does McCain want Barry back in the W. H. If Santorum is the second runner I would pick him I think he would be better off

  • The Morrigan's Pet

    On his way to losing the election, McCain did the one thing that had a possibility of turning the tide in his favor: he chose Sarah. Makes sense to me, too.

    • Jenny

      That’s your opinion. My opinion is that he had the last election, and LOST it when he took Palin, (her preggers teenage daughter and her baby daddy), on board.

      • juandos

        Coming from yet another supporter of the witless commie parasite from Chicago…

      • umustbkidding

        Palin put life into his candidacy. But I’m real sure he didn’t understand who Palin was. She out shines him by a million to one.

      • Sarah Palin Isn't Who You Think

        Jenny, Sarah Palin was added to the McCain ticket with no intention of winning. The truth is so dark and sinister the media is censored from reporting on it. Don’t expect Mitt to pick her not since the truth leaked out. Search Palins Dirty Little Secret to learn what the government doesn’t want you to know, at least not yet.

      • Will

        You betcha, Jenny! And she couldn’t find the country of Africa – even after reading ALL them newspapers. But she could see Russia from her porch. Read “Game Change” – great book – forget the movie.

      • GozieBoy

        Jenny, like most loony libs you have a poor (or deliberate) misunderstanding of history. McCain was already severely burn toast at the time he selected Palin as his VP choice. He had to do something different and innovated to have ANY chance to win. And you know what? She raised his boat overnight. Of course, this was not enought because after all it WAS McCain at the head of the ticket, so a miracle was perhaps a bit much to expect of the VP candidate!

      • spock

        interesting since Palin briought more people out then even Obama. Thats why the press hated her.

        funny thing everyone says bad things about her but dont know why

      • TrishaL

        Wow, the libs are really scared of Sarah.

      • zelsdorf2

        I guess you missed the receptions she received when she spoke. Palin is a bigger draw than your Kenyan buddy. McCain’s mistake is he did not turn her loose on Obama. She could have and would tear him a new one. From my understanding of his visits to the Chigcago bath houses, he probably needs a new one.

      • Dave

        McCain lost that election. Plain would’ve done better on her own, without that traitorous old fart

    • Clare

      No, she is old news and did not improve herself one bit since the election. He would be better off with Ryan at least then he would a brain helping him instead of a celebrity.

  • IndependentVoter

    Pick Ron Paul! Then he might have a shot at getting elected!

    • Jenny

      That would be awesome!

    • GozieBoy

      Drug induced hallucinations. Paul has won exactly ZERO primaries and lags FAR FAR behind Romney. So just how is it that you are even wasting a second of your life talking about this gadfly?

      • prettygirlssuck

        You are.

  • Eric

    Maybe McCain is just saying Palin in order to try and make everything in Game Change seem like a fabrication.

    Personally I hope she doesn’t get the nomination. Her services as a talking head on Fox News is far too valuable.

  • Jim

    Frankly Condoleezza Rice would really shake things up!!! And she would do an excellent job.

    • Todd_i

      Fantastic choice.

    • Clare

      She almost destroyed the Bush administration, a weak sister

    • Dave

      I used to have a lot of respect for Rice, and the ex- chairman of the joint chiefs, what’s-his-name. Things they’ve both said though in support of obummer got me wondering.

      • Jim

        Rice’s comments about Obama were clearly supportive of the idea of a black person as president. And frankly, even though I didn’t vote for him, think his policies have been awful, and am scared about what will happen if he is re-elected, I AM PROUD that Americans (as a whole) didn’t view race as a negative and elected him president.

        Politically Rice has been pretty quiet and doing well at Stanford. I’d love to see her on the national stage again.

  • Lol

    Lol again

  • James Woods

    If he picks Palin i’ll vote for obama 20 times.

    • Jenny

      I’m with you. Perhaps McCain really wants Romney to lose. Adding Palin would ensure that. Too much drama, not enough intelligence.

      • Marc

        I can understand the drama statement but please elaborate on the “intelligence” comment.

        Most people who say this usually respond by stuttering.. “umm.. ahh.. well.. just listen to her”..

        When pressed about examples they usually get angry and say I don’t want to talk about this.

      • Kenny

        @James Woods & Jenny… Sounds like you two work for Acorn and would vote for Obama 20 times if you could.

      • GozieBoy

        Kenny, that is “will” not “would”.

    • DaddyB

      Well, I’m not in favor of Palin on the ticket, but she does have company in the lunatic fringe crowd. I will say that Ron Paul is at least a full-wit, but still a member of the lunatic fringe crowd. IMHO!

    • Marc

      And you would be a moron.

      Actually what it means is you are already going to vote for Obama…

    • batjac

      Isn’t that what democrats already do?

    • TrishaL

      I’m sure the election will be rigged so that you will be able to do that. That’s the plan.

  • jasonn13

    How about John Kyle?

  • Chris

    McCain is out of touch with reality. If anyone needs to gracefully exit, its him. No one cares what you have to say, John. You blew it in 2008.

  • Edward Boothe

    We now have a dictator in this country who thinks that if the Supreme Court disagrees with anything he says that they are guilty of “Judicial Activism”.

    In his State of the Union speech in 2010, as Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito frowned and shook his head, he condemned the “Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission” ruling of the court, in the presence of all of the Congress, and 48 million citizens watching on TV. The Justices should have gotten up and walked out.
    Now he has WARNED the Justices that they would be overstepping their roles by questioning his unconstitutional Obamacare power grab, that allows the Government to tell its subject that they must buy a product, whether they want it or not. He said that they were unelected and had not authority to overturn a bill that was passed by the Congress.
    The Supreme court has overturned bills that have been approved by Congress 156 times, and a Federal Judge with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has directed Obama to respond to him with a three page, single spaced explanation, by noon Thursday, why he attacked the Supreme Court Justices the way he did. Thank God for Judge Jerry Smith putting a wannabe dictator in his place.
    A crack dealer would have more sense than to pull a trick like this, and they say he is a Constitutional Lawyer.
    He has bypassed Congress in the past 3 ½ years at every opportunity, and told the Russians that he would have more flexibility in his second term to make concessions to them. If he had any more flexibility, he would be a total Communist Dictator. His first act would probably be to abolish the first and second amendments. Think about it, is that what you want?

    If you want to remain free from having a dictatorship, please email this to everyone you know and hope it goes viral.

    • Jim Palmer

      “Viral” is a good description for your thinking process. You’ve been infected with Foxnewsitus.

  • Jenny

    Why does McCain want Romney to lose? Putting Palin on the ballot will lose all the Independent voters. Romney already has the far right voters, he now needs to woo the Independents, and having Palin and her dysfunctional daughter and her baby daddy and his drama on board is a sure way to lose. McCain needs to fade into the background.

    • ginger

      Why would anyone listen to someone who LOST an election four years ago, or consider putting the running mate of a LOSING ticket on the one chance the GOP has? John McCain is the reason we are in the mess we are in to begin with.

      • Dave

        Well, McCain, and bush. I think the whole system’s rigged.

    • GozieBoy

      Why do loony libs like Jenny continually say that families and especially children are off limits in politics (when it pertains to Obama), but always jump at the chance to raise this subject themselves, no matter how off target or disgusting their comment are?

      • Voice Of Reason

        Because it’s the conservatives that constantly put a narrow view of family and morals front and center in the public arena making them look like hypocrites when they fail to live up to their own rhetoric.

        Liberals don’t make a big thing out of these issues that conservatives say are absolute core values. So it’s only really conservatives that can be held to account for failing to live up to the morals that they constantly espouse. You can’t say a liberal is a hypocrite for not living with a conservative moral code, but you can say a conservative is if they do not.

  • Sparky2

    Sarah Palin would be an electrifying powerhouse to a Romney ticket and help confirm that Romney would be a supporter of the true conservative movement in America. The McCain/Palin ticket lost in 2008 not because of Sarah (who had ignited his lazy campagn) but because of McCain himself who was too moderate to excite the base enough to come out in huge numbers. Sarah would be a great addition and while Romney appears more moderate, this time even with that hinderance, the voters are fed up with Obama and the damage he has done to our economy and country that they will be motivated to vote for Romney on that alone.

    • curiousbrewer

      Considering Palin is still not behind Romney i dont think she is an option here. She clearly prefers Santorum or Gingrich ahead of Romney. I would argue that a Chris Christie would be a strong VP and just as electrifying. Plus I think he appeals to the Independent vote. What do you think?

    • Robert

      “An electrifying powerhouse?” Good lord, why can’t people like you see that she isn’t the smartest tool in the tool shed (to put it lightly)?

      I want Romney to win but if she is on the ticket, he’s toast.

      • Fritzthecat

        Yes, she’s so dumb she’s written best selling books, draws huge ratings whenever and wherever she appears on tv, attracts large crowds wherever she appears, has earned tons of money, cleaned up Alaska’s cesspool of state goverment, and on and on. Wish I were that dumb!

      • HFC

        @fritzthecat (below) So has Snooki. Your point is?

  • Momofthree

    Romney will be a hold your nose vote for me. If he wants to win, he should pick Paul Ryan. Rubio is a NO NO since he is NOT natural born ( his parents were NOT US citizens when he was born). Paul Ryan knows his cr*p when it comes to budgets and helping our economy.

    • Momofthree

      Plus, I am NOT happy with Rubio and his new version of the “Dream Act”

      • Momofthree

        He is reminding me of a Mel Martinez

      • GozieBoy

        Momoftthree: Talk to yourself often do you?

    • Jim

      Rubio was born IN MIAMI to Cuban immigrants.

      All the birthers and democrats defenses of Obama have people confused about what it means to be natural born. Natural born means born in the US, with some exceptions for children of US citizen diplomats and members of the armed forces.

      • JustLurkin

        No it doesn’t. Natural born is being born on US soil OF PARENTS WHO ARE BOTH US CITIZENS. This means no Rubio, and he’s down with that. That’s why he’s sayin’ “no”.

      • Jim

        Please site any kind of evidence that is the definition of natural born –

        Lynch v. Clarke (1844) born in NY to British parents – moved out of US – still a US born citizen
        In re Look Tin Sing – Born in US to Chinese parents = Citizen (that is from 1884 BTW)

        BUT MORE importantly Perkins v. Elg – Perkins (born in NY) The supreme court held she was a “natural born citizen” despite having a father that renounced US citizenship and had lived in Sweden until she was 21 (307 U.S. 325)

        Which by the way in dictum said that the person born in America and raised in another country could yet “become President of the United States”.

        Furthermore it is black letter law that a “naturalized” Citizen is not a “natural born citizen”; and the converse has never been challenged (that a US Citizen by right is a natural born citizen”

  • muddruthers

    McCain needs to STFU

    • ginger

      he and Sarah Palin both.

  • Jay

    I hope anyone who voted for obobo because they objected to Palin realizes what a terrible thing they inflicted on this country with this stalin wannabe.

    I detest Romney, but I’m gonna vote for him anyway. He at least isn’t obobo. And if he picks someone as good as Palin, I’ll vote with enthusiasm. She’s the only good decision McCain ever made.

  • Duude

    Palin won’t be on any list for potential VPs. McCain, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Marco Rubio would be a good choice but I doubt he’s interested. Allen West would be another great choice.

  • Karl

    Neither Rubio or Jindal can be VP. They are not Natural Born Citizens, i.e. Their parents were not U.S. Citizens at the time Rubio or Jindal were born. Thankfully Rubio knows the Constitution and honors it and would not accept the VP position.

    • Mike Field

      This is a position that is not going to prevail. Rubio and Jindal are birthright citizens born on U.S. soil. We already have a sitting president who had a non-citizen parent. Just win, baby. Victory is a great solvent.

  • jocko

    Poor John. The list of folks who have passed their time in the limelight can add one more. Now all he does is make a fool of himself. So sad such a man has come to this. Those who love him should let him know it is time to fade away.

  • McLamewrongagain

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein

    Thank you McCain, you have proved Einstein is correct again.

  • matken

    Sarah Palin as V.P.?

    I would say it’s a toss-up between Palin and Kim Kardasian. They’re equally qualified but Kim is smarter and has been known to read newspapers.

    • Robert

      Love your comment. Why can’t some people see that Palin is dumb. Why?

      • Fritzthecat

        Yes, she’s so dumb she’s written best selling books, draws huge ratings whenever and wherever she appears on tv, attracts large crowds wherever she goes, has earned tons of money, cleaned up Alaska’s cesspool of state goverment, enriched the Alaskan citizens by working out a wonderful deal with the oil companies, and on and on. Wish I were that dumb!

  • Dave K

    NOTHING would get me to vote for Obama, however I’m sure he’d win if Romney was to pick Palin. Her inability to put two words together with out sounding like Yoda makes me cringe every time she speaks.

  • Zoidberg

    Why not Zoidberg?

  • bobm001

    Someone should give “Johnny Boy” a cookie and set him down in a corner somewhere.

  • cleareyed

    It warms my heart to know how frightened some of you liberals are of Sarah Palin!!

    • ginger

      I’m a conservative and I wish she’d go away.

    • Sketch

      It saddens my soul to know how clueless you are.

      • dakotahgeo

        By all means!!! Run Palin with Romney… as if the Republicans/TPods aren´t the laughingstock of the political world already! That ought to cement their place in history for good!

  • Sue0319

    McCain saying “pick Palin” was a JOKE!!

    If you saw/heard the entire interview, you would realize it.

    Palin was not a good pick for VP, and that is why McCain lost.

    Due to McCain’s age, there was a very realistic chance that he could die while in office. The Independents were NO WAY going to vote for Palin as VP, and have her take over the office at that time.

    As someone stated on other posts……..If the Republicans would ever seriously bring up Palin as a candidate again—–this proves that they are all on crack.

    The majority with an IQ over 80, will NEVER support/vote for Palin!!

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