WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is calling for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016.

Despite the secretary of state repeatedly saying she has no interest in running for the White House in four years, Pelosi would “love” to see Clinton back on the campaign trail.

“I would love to see Secretary Clinton become the nominee for president in 2016,” she told Jeff Greenfield during 92Y’s “Campaign for the Conversation.” “I do think though that the secretary should entertain the thought of running in 2016.”

Clinton, who will step down as secretary of state following November’s election, reiterated her stance on MSNBC that she has no intention of running for president.

“I am not at all planning to do that,” Clinton told MSNBC. “I have no desire or intention. I want to do the best job I can as secretary of state for this president.”

Former President Bill Clinton told ABC News that if his wife does run, that decision is “light years away.”

“It’s entirely up to her,” Clinton told ABC. “If she comes home and we do this foundation stuff for the rest of our lives, I’ll be happy. If she changes her mind and decides to run, I’ll be happy.”

Hillary Clinton lost a hotly contested Democratic primary to then Sen. Obama in 2008. Clinton will be 69-years-old in 2016 if she does decide to run.

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  1. vageorge says:

    I actually liked Bill Clinton as president. However he seems to have turned into a traitor along with obama. Clinton never showed morals but now he is going even lower. I wonder what is in it for him?/ Did obama promise Hillery she could keep her job if he was re elected? Probably as it goes with the territory but what kind of a deal did obama promise Bill?? An executive order like he gave to Stupak. He reneged on it within days and Senator Stupak stepped out of public life after being duped by the obama.

    1. vageorge says:

      My post was off subject but Bill Clinton is going to beg for money with obama. Hillery will not resign on her own. She has been notified that she might not hold the Sec of State position even if obama wins. Which he will not, the nation cannot afford him. obama in his devious manner probably tole Hillery she could stay if Bill campaigned for him. A bunch of snakes in our government !! Not many with the good of our country at heart

      1. Vageorge get a clue says:

        Youre an idiot. Its laughable to think Obama will lose to Romney, no matter what side you are on. Its also spelled HillAry…nobody spells that name with an e.

  2. Seamus D. Dog says:

    We have the right person in the WH now and will for 4 more. Clintons are like childbirth, it really hurts but after awhile you forget the pain and think ahh look at this little baby. But Hillary has done enough ON HER OWN as SoS to deserve a look. I can’t believe I am saying it, in ’08 I woulda defected if she was the nominee. However methinks this is all about playing to women voters. Ann omney promises to unzip Mitts stiffness (heh heh) and HRC rumors start flying.

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