Let The Vetting Begin: Attention Turning To Romney’s Potential VP Candidate

By Matthew L. Higgins

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Who will be Mitt Romney’s running mate?

With the Republican presidential hopeful closing in on the GOP nomination, attention is beginning to turn to who he will pick to be by his side as he takes on President Obama and Vice President Biden for the White House.

Could it be Sen. Marco Rubio, a Hispanic conservative from the swing state of Florida? Maybe it will be Chris Christie, the bombastic governor from New Jersey unafraid to speak his mind? Or could it be a total dark horse candidate, say Gov. Susana Martinez from New Mexico, another conservative Hispanic from a swing state?

According to Larry Sabato, the director for the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, Romney has two ways to go with his decision.

“He can pick someone who is safe and follows the Hippocratic oath’s mandate, ‘First, do no harm,’” Sabato told CBSDC. “This person would be seen as competent but wouldn’t necessarily have any impact on the Electoral College or appealing to specific demographic groups where Romney is weak, or Romney can pick someone designed to deliver a state, region, or demographic group.”

With that certain demographic group primarily focusing on Hispanics, Seton Motley, president of Less Government — a political thinktank, sees that spot going to Rubio.

“This is all a game of checking off something you don’t have,” Motley told CBSDC. “Rubio is Hispanic and is from the swing state of Florida. The list almost begins and ends with Rubio.”

Rubio – who has thrown his support behind Romney – has been a favorite among conservatives in his short time in the Senate, but that lack of experience could hurt his chances of getting put on the ticket.

“If this individual is relatively inexperienced or has not been fully vetted, there can always be unexpected problems that turn into a major distraction for the presidential nominee,” Sabato said.

Even if Rubio is picked, there are no guarantees he could deliver the state to Romney.

“Rubio might be able to deliver Florida, but only if Romney were already running just a few points behind Obama,” Sabato told CBSDC, adding that rivals Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul have virtually no shot of joining the ticket with Romney.

Rubio has previously stated he is not looking to the vice presidential nomination.

Conservatives have fallen over party favorite Chris Christie, who was called on many times to jump into the presidential fray. Christie decided not to, instead throwing his support behind Romney, too. Christie might not be the best bet to be by Romney’s side, though.

“I don’t think Christie gets serious consideration,” Motley told CBSDC. “A Republican won’t win New Jersey and Christie’s not the right fit.”

There has been much talk about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal getting the nod, which would make him the first Indian-American to be vice presidential candidate. But others to keep an eye on are Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

Romney also needs to make sure that the VP candidate he chooses doesn’t become a distraction, the same way Sarah Palin was to Sen. John McCain in 2008.

“Very rarely does the VP choice have a major impact,” Motley said. “One of the few times it did make a difference was the choice of Sarah Palin. I think she definitively changed the race last time.”

But in the end, Romney’s campaign won’t hinge on who he picks as his running mate.

“The state of the economy will make or break Romney’s campaign,” Sabato said.

  • AJ

    Why is there no discussion of Santorum in this article? While Im not personally in favour of him, he has already said he would consider it, and it wouldnt be the first time the main opponent became the VP nomination

    • Lying Sack of Mitt

      A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into a bar…


      The bartender says, “HI Mitt”!

    • TrixieTrue

      Because, accurate or not, he has presented himself as a cranky, woman-hating, out-out-touch, ultra-right conservative. And because he has stayed in the race too long. His attacks on Romney are way too recent. Backing Romney now would be completely hypocritical, at best.

      • Dangerous Dave

        Not true, TrixieUntrue. The leftist media painted him as a woman-hater. Santorum’s words have been more tortured than Moochelle’s hair.

      • SarahsSecretIsOut

        Since the truth leaked out about Sarah Palin I highly doubt Mitt will pick her. I bet he picks someone representing minorities from a swing state. If you haven’t read the real story on why the news surrounding Palin is so heavily controlled, search Palins Dirty Little Secret and learn what the media can no longer report on, the truth.

      • Apachecav

        as opposed to a smiling stab you in the back crony capitalist establishment cult follower?

      • TrixieTrue

        You’ll note that I started my comment with “…, accurate or not…” Of course the media framed him this way…but the frame is still there.

      • Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425

      • Lying Sack of Mitt

        Santorum likes women as long as they stay in the klitchen and shut up.

      • Lying Sack of Mitt

        Santorum was named number 6 in a list of 10 ten corrupt politicians in the USA a few years back.

      • http://sdjerry.wordpress.com sdjerry

        Santorum is not an ultra-right conservative. Barry Goldwater was an utra-right conservative. Santorum is merely a religious fanatic who seeks to incorporate his religious beliefs into government. As such, he is unfit to serve in any elective office.

      • Steverino

        Santorum has been framed by the Media? He is a religious zealot who brought home his dead baby to meet the family, has seven kids in a world overpopulated, doesn’t want anyone else to use birth control, thinks the separation of church and state is a bad thing, etc., etc
        Come on people. He has done more to ruin the image of our party than Palin, who is merely an amiable dunce. Where is Reagan when we need him?

      • Sam E Moore Jr

        Hates Women ? What are you smoking Sandra Flunk !

      • Chris

        Accurate or not? Do you live in Zimbabwe? His words, his lecture, his rhetoric are all over the internet. You don’t have to read the media version but listen to the man himself. He is a f’ing lunatic. No one is talking about times where the event was held and only the media were able to let the world know what he talked. We live in a 24/7 live world so be real and stop acting like you live in Zimbabwe you MORONS.

      • YeahRight

        Really Trixie? If you pay attention, it is his opponents that portray him that way, not him. He stated at a church that he was personally opposed to using contracption, but he continued on to say that he was strongly opposed to any legislation that tries to control it. He also stated examples of bills he supported as Senator to fund contraception for poor women. His opponents took this completely out of context and claimed that he was in favor of government controls on contraception – which of course is a lie. Dumb people go around repeating it without finding out both sides.

      • Noggy

        If he’s smart he’ll pick a candidate endorsed by the Council of Conservative Citizens


      • Deez

        I completely agree… and I’m basing my opinion on hearing Santorum speak, not from the media. It would be laughable if Santorum backed Romney, much less if he had him run with him.

    • J Scott

      Romney won’t have enough time to change Santorium’s diapers or put him in timeout when he has his tantrums

      • Klaus

        Santorum’s off the diapers. He goes in Joseph Smith’s stovepipe hat now.

      • Chase

        @Klaus thanks for reiterating the fact that Santorum’s entire legitimacy as a GOP candidate is built upon the anti-mormon sentiment in certain regions of the country.

    • sailordude

      No way Santorum, it will be Rubio, he’s a grand slam home run. It’s FLORIDA a VITAL swing state, he’s HISPANIC, the GOP desperately needs Hispanics! It’s a no brainer.

      • RobbieK

        Desperately needs Hispanics? LOL! One thing the media never reports in this country is that a large majority of Hispanics (approximately 55%) in the U.S.A. are Evangelical Christians and vote Republican anyway. Barak Obama isn’t getting the American of Latin blood vote this time. How do you think Texas always goes Republican election after election? It’s because we have a large population of evangelical Americans with Latino blood.

      • Dan Popa

        RUBIO??? This is very simple. RUbio ius not eligible under art 2 sec 1 of the constitution. He is not a natural born citizen although he was born in Hawaii. His parents were both CUBAN CITIZENS at the time of his birth. This is something Rubio is not forthcoming about. He is a fake conservative in my opinion because obviously the truth does not matter to him. His staff is under the impression he is a legit VP candiddate however, like Obama, he is not elgible for the office. Obama should be tried for tTReason.He is a fruad and Liar. Rubio should explain his situation and parents to shed light on Obama. He won;t. He is a traitor as well. A disgrce!

      • Jim

        These comments on Rubio’s eligibility are amazingly uninformed and ignorant

      • Nate

        Rubio isn’t Hispanic. There’s no such thing as a Hispanic person, some confirmed, by the way, by a recent poll. Rubio is Cuban-American, which is as relevant to a Mexican-American as his favorite kind of ice cream.

      • Americanius

        I guess for Rubio to be VP the Republicans will have to ignore the constitution requiring Rubio to be a natural born citizen meaning both parents were citizens.
        Ignore that fact like they did when they certified Barry with a Kenyan father.
        No one seems to care any more about rule of law. If Rubio and Obama are illegally eligible then so is Arnold S.
        But if some states enact ballot certification then both Obama and Rubio would not appear on the ballot in those states.

      • carney3

        RobbieK, wake up and smell the coffee. I’m a conservative Republican and Hispanics vote against us by two to one on a good day. The very best we can do is being crushed 40-60 Goldwater style which W. “achieved” in TX after massive pandering to the multi cultural Left on every issue including Spanish language being primary in schools and in official business in local governments. The fact that they are a little more Republican than the African American community has caused wild over-hyping and over-optimism. It’s not like an African American leaves the country for every Latin American who enters. It’s just that one monolithically leftist anti-Republican minority group is being supplemented (NOT REPLACED) by a second, very leftist anti-Republican minority group. Republicans win elections in Texas DESPITE the intense anti-Republican votes of Hispanics, and if Republicans think that’s sustainable given current immigration policies the GOP is suicidally stupid. There’s a REASON the Dems want basically open borders. WAKE UP.

    • RN

      Because Santorum is a creep. A booger that will not go away no matter how many times you shake it off.

      • Klaus

        I thought those were Romney supporters — McCain, Dole, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

    • BLC

      Santorum is a distraction from reality. With him on the ticket , the media would be focused on contraceptives , gay marriage and other personal issues that have nothing to do with my relative wealth. Santorum souldn’t win a statewide general election in any state. He is a crazed theocratic windbag.

      • carney3

        I get it, you’re a social liberal. Santorum is a social conservative, as well as an economic and foreign policy conservative. Santorum won two of three statewide elections he ran in in PA, a Dem leaning swing state. I’ll concede he’s not as strong a general election candidate as Romney, but acting like he’s a “crazed theocrat” for having views that were basically universal until the 60s and are still held by roughly half the nation today is wildly overstating the case.

    • Patriot

      Chris Christi for sure

    • ChiefB

      Not gonna happen! Santorum is a nut case!

    • Dave

      Not a chance for Santorum, he is too on edge at times and is too focused on Social Issues that most pople (in this election) just do not care about.
      Not a chance for Christie because he would not run until the future, why woul he take the VP slot?
      Not a chance for Newt because he is a slimeball.
      Not a chance for Palin because she is a celbrity now, not a politician.
      Not a chance for Jindal because he delivers no minority group and no state that is needed.
      Not a chance for West because, while he helps in florida, he does not deliver minorities. Blacks will not leave Obama for him.

      Plus many other candidates bring to light to many other issues. Rubio does not. his whole message has abeen a life in contrast: Large government Cuba run economy vs liberty and free enterprise in America.

      RUBIO is the choice. He delivers Florida and delivers a large chunk of the hispanic vote.
      Plus between Romney’s wife and Rubio’s wife, they deliver a big chunk of the woman’s vote together.

      As far as only being in the Senate a couple years – – – – SAME AS OBAMA, did not hear the left whining about his experieince much.

      ROMENY/ RUBIO 2012……………………… just like I have been saying since October!

      • elcgm


      • Obamanos

        I’ve been calling for Romney/Rubio since October….2010!

      • BlogMagog

        Yes, that’s the ticket. Marco, you know we like you here in FL, but the greater calling for you is now at our Darkest hour.

      • Romney Rubio 2012

        You should join us on Facebook then! http://www.facebook.com/RomneyRubio2012

      • Elizabeth Fisher

        I absolutely agree… now we can wait for the uninformed liberals to mistakenly post that Rubio is not qualified to be VP.

        Just wait… the posts should appear in a couple of minutes.

    • Taint Boil

      Santorum? The warmongering person who thinks killing scientist is a good thing – you have got to be kidding

      Santorum says killing Americans good, but killing Iranians is wonderful

    • Sam E Moore Jr

      Sir in all due respect Santorum said …… There is little difference between Obama and Romney ….. That is when he lost me … That would be Prime time Obama ad’s
      running the last to months before the Election .

    • BlogMagog

      Marco Rubio, we need you. I’m a Floridian and while you are appreciated here, we need you more than ever on the ticket. “Every” state needs you on the ticket. This is about the future, not just here in FL. This is greater than any one state or any one generation. This is about what kind of country we hand down to our children. You can do this — you already have my vote! Mitt are you listening… ?

    • Gryphonwhip

      Gosh, I dont know, because Santorum is running around with an etch-a-sketch in his hand saying a vote for Romney would be no better than a vote for Obama? Why would Romney want a turd like that stinking up the campaign trail? Santorum would be the worst choice for VP, he isnt even able to win a Senatoral election in his own state, how would he help deliver it for Romney. Santorum is THE LAST PERSON Romney should even consider. Too bad the rest of the idiots in my party didnt know that when he became the default protest vote. Santorum is a loser, plain and simple.

    • clickron

      Goldman Sachs owned Romney vs. Goldman Sachs owned Obama, either way, Goldman Sachs wins, pick your favorite skin tone and let’s get it over. Either way you go, BOTH are committed to taking away the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 10th Amendments.

      Whoever promises the American Monkey Voter the best bananas wins, and NEVER question the statements made above.

    • PF

      I think if I were Mitt I would have an issue choosing someone who said voting for Obama would be better than me.

    • jrcowboy49

      Santorum has poisoned the water with his caustic rhetoric and whiney demeanor. His standing with the Party is damaged!

    • truth

      if he choses anybody other than Ron Paul he wont have a Snowballs chance. What am I saying? He doesnt have a Snowballs chance no matter who he picks. This is a set up, it is like when Hulk Hogan is wrestling Jon Smith or some other scrub. Ron Paul is the only guy who will challenge Obama and if you Republicans think otherwise say hello to the dinosaurs for me.

      • MsMag

        You are 1000% correct. The biggest problem Romney would have is NOT being ABLE to get Ron Paul on the ticket. Romney is just like Obama and Bush on views. Ron Paul would never go on his ticket. The GOP must face it; they are going to lose to Obama. There is ZERO chance the GOP will win. Ron Paul supporters – including more than 50% of independents and more than 15% of Obama’s Democrats are for Ron Paul. Romney will never get them. Romney will not get Ron Paul supporters. The only way they win is they have Deibold rig the voting machines – AGAIN. They should never have dissed Ron Paul and lied about him and rigged the votes against him over and over. They lose.

      • Elizabeth Fisher

        Do you mean Ron Paul… who has never received more than 8% of the vote in the primary? You think that nut job is going to beat Obama…. sheeeesh


      • http://politicalgforce.wordpress.com politicalgforce

        Ron Paul is the only candidate other than Romney that has consistently been tied or higher than Obama in the polls. This was just posted on the drudge a few weeks ago and if you have really paid attention you would know that, try getting your facts straight Elizabeth. And ask yourself this since I’m sure you are such a scholarly college educated individual with an immense amount of knowledge – since when was following the constitution considered to be a nut job? In that case, you just called Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, etc.. and the rest of the founding fathers nut jobs. How’s it feel to call all of our founding fathers nut jobs? Apparently you and along with all the rest of the pathetic politicians know more than our founding fathers put together. Ron Paul knows more about the constitution and history then any other candidate and politician. I would bet money on that in a second and I’m not a bettering person. I don’t think you could be anymore disrespectful to our founders. Go back to watching CNN for 3 minutes and thinking that you know the answers to every political problem that arises or just continue to stick your foot in your mouth. You seem to have acquired a Ph.D.in that already.Congratulations.

    • Ed Lynn

      I would find Rick Santorum very acceptable as a Vice-Presidential choicew.

    • Steve K.

      I’ve voted straight Republican since 1972 and I’d have a hard time voting for Santorum. I liken him to McCain, whom I couldn’t bring myself to vote for and had my son complete the arrow on that one. I’m tired of having Republican choices that require me to hold my nose when voting. Therefor, I suggest Romney pick his wife as a running mate. Who better?

  • Doug

    Drudge isn’t it a little too early. I’m voting for Santorum.. i’m in for the PA, NJ sweep!

    • John

      Santorum pi$$ed Drudge off with his whining and in doing so revealed a lot about his own temperament.
      It showed what many people suspected about what lies beneath that forced grimacing smile of his.
      The man simply isn’t Presidential material.

      • Gary

        Spot on!

      • Klaus

        Anyone But Obamney

      • Dave

        I like Santorum but have been saying since day one : he is not a president.

        Romney is.

        No matter where the media tries to take the dialogue, Romeny needs to stay on the economy. the numbers and facts are all there: it is not good.

        Romeny / Rubio 2012!!!

    • Hank

      If you’re voting for Santorum, you are an unedcuated voter or you are wanting to live in a Christian dictatorship with huge government control.

      • Chad

        Wrong. I voted for Santorum because our country continues to spiral in a steep moral decline that is making our nation’s soul sick, almost to the point of no return. A message that focuses solely on solving our economic woes is like treating the symptoms rather than the disease. Our society is becoming more and more fragmented and divided. At the heart of this is a rejection of the values that made this country great, and yes that includes a strong faith in God. If we don’t fix the soul first, the country is doomed no matter who leads us. Santorum understands this and is not afraid to talk about it. I know he won’t win, but I at least can go to bed with a clear consciance knowing I voted for a guy who gets it.

    • Richard F

      You may look at PA for Santorum, because of his home state. But NJ, Chris Christi was one of the first supporters of Romney. Besides, Romney like Reagan, will bring alot of Moderate and Conservative Democrats and Independents to the polls in November. If Santorum was really for the Republican nominee in November, he would stop the madness and start supporting Romney. Maybe there might be a cabinet position for him, but I doubt VP. He wants said he supported Romney for the Party, he should repeat history and do it with a professional confession that the Party will do whatever to defeat Obama in November. Afterall, it is his words that Freedom is at stake.

  • Wanted: A young conservative

    Ryan or Jindal please Mitt!! Bobby JImdal or Paull Ryan would be formidable.

  • Nam Marine

    Chris Christie or Ron Paul.

    • Bill E Bob

      Aw yeah, those are what we need, more regressives and nutbags.

      • Klaus

        Fernando. (Mitt said Ryan’s budget looked “mahvelous”, darling.)

  • Vinny Parthasarathy

    I think Mitt Romney will pick Tim Pawlenty as his running mate- he is safe, a successful governor, and someone that will worry the Obama ticket. An alternative would be Jon Hunstman, but he maybe too moderate for talk radio.

    • Glenn Robinson

      Definitley no to Huntsman….for whatever reason it will be hard enough to swallow down one Mormon…IF the VP was Mormon too people would call it full on conspiracy.

    • carney3

      Romney, Huntsman, and Pawlenty were the only electable candidates, and the only ones who could be competent and credible in the Oval Office. But Huntsman was too liberal and Pawlenty had his oxygen sucked away by the short-lived Bachmann candidacy.

      You’re right that Pawlenty would be a good choice.

    • Dave

      Not a chance. neither help in any voting block what so ever.

    • jrcowboy49

      Two mormans on the same ticket?????????????????? NOT

  • NeverSurrender

    Doug, Are you kidding. This repub race is done. Santorum is stupid if he doesn’t get out now. He’s young enough to run again for the next 12 years. All he can do now is hurt himself. He he loses PA he will never be close to the presidency again.

    • BLC

      Doesn’t matter if Santorum were 21 yrs old. He will never again hold public office. He is toast.

  • Bill E Bob

    Who will be Mitt’s podnuh? Another regressive, I’m sure.

  • Johnno

    Mitch Daniels

    • jrcowboy49

      Mitch Daniels and his financial/budget expertice would be an excellent choice!

  • TrixieTrue

    Paul Ryan or Allan West.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      Love Allen West !

  • David H

    Never too early to talk, and in the end, it is the candidate, not us who decides. Rubio will be drafted whether or not he wants the slot. 1) Hispanic, 2) American success story which complements Romney’s personal story. 3) Did I mention Florida as a swing state? No Florida, no election. Ask W, ask Obama, ask Bill. Alan West – great guy, no charisma, and no one ever heard of him. Sarah? Lord, I love the woman, but she is a lightning rod, and that is the LAST thing the GOP needs in this critical election. We need a team that represents the people of the United States, the values of the US, and can defeat the aberration currently in the White House. The filth and distraction and the excuses and deflection of responsibility that will be the hallmark of this election need to be countered by 2 very decent human beings, and 2 very capable individuals. My 2 cents, and I think George Romney already knows that.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      I think Allen West is way more well-known than you give him credit for.

      • Klaus

        Cornel West, I know. Cornel would add balance to a Romney ticket — from the right.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        @ Klaus

    • Dave

      Alan West is known but does not pull blacks away from Obama and it would be portrayed as a stunt to do just that.

      Rubio is safe and delivers many hispanic votes and Florida.

      His experience is every bit as long as Obama’s.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Far MORE so. Rubio was Speaker of the Florida House before becoming a US Senator in a competitive state. The Community Agitator’s resume includes inciting riots and….uh….oh yeah, voting “present” as a backbencher in the Felonois Senate from a 100% Depressioncrat South Side District.

  • jdjsmit

    Are you kidding not Palin, we will be in for 4 more years of the Marxist in Chief!
    Palin is not going to appeal to the independents especially the independent women.

  • Klaus

    John McCain

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Ok, I got a nice laugh from the Cornell West remark but now you’re just being ridiculous…

      • Klaus

        I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, too. I love how these “most electable” nominees make us vomit 4 years later.

  • MM

    Voting in this day and age is akin to hitting yourself over the head with a 2X4. Nothing comes from it except a headache. Both parties are owned by the big banks. It is all a sham. Stay home on selection day. It is a pointless endeavor.

    • Gary

      Wow! It’s so easy to give up isn’t it? To hell with George Washington and Abe Lincoln! To hell with all those who have given their blood for this great land. Give yourself an excuse so you can sit back on your couch and do nothing. Easy street! Ahhhh… Life is good.

      • Lying Sack of Mitt

        Lincoln was gay you know.

      • Apachecav

        He might be on to something, both sides are corrupt , let Obama back in to finish the job, when the system collapses we can rebuild from the ashes what our country used to be, very painful but either a Romney win , slow death, or an Obama win, quick death, still leads us to death…

    • Klaus

      Vote. Write in who you want if you have to. Let them cheat. Let them not count your vote. It’s on them then. You took action, they took action, the Lord judges.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Personally, I would love Allen West. The thought of the liberal racists trying to spin that gives me great joy.

  • mike jones

    how about Condoleezza Rice?

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      The only thing Condi wants to be in charge of is the NFL

    • carney3

      Too liberal, and was weak as national security advisor and secretary of state.

      • Dave

        Too liberal?? Weak???? You are out of your mind.

        BUT you represent alot of the far right…. trying to get massively conservative people who will not budge on any issue.

        How do you think Reagan was succesful as President with Democrats controlling congress? He was a leader and made deals.

        This notion that one side has to be in control is ridiculous.

        The greates times in our history the last several decades have all been when the president and congress were on opposite sides.

        According to many on the faaaarr right today, Reagan would not be conservative enough. He is further left than Romeny ever was when you compare their governorships.

        Both have moved further right as they aged.

        The best thing to happen now is for Santirum to get the helll out of the way. he is nothing but a waaay too far right social conservative who has been all for big government in his entire career: the record shows it.

        If it wasn’t for his social conscience, he’d be a Kennedy

    • moronpolitics

      I WISH. What a contrast. A Black person who is COMPETENT and LOVES AMERICA.

  • Meac Templeton

    Anyone but Christie. We don’t need 2 RINOs on the ticket.

  • Chris

    I woud love to see a Mitt Romney / Ron Paul ticket but I seriously doubt that will happen… I’ll settle for a Romney / Rubio or a Romney / Pawlenty ticket… Either one of those would do well I think. And its really all about getting Obama out of there at this point anyways. Another 4 years of him will ruin this Great Nation.

  • Klaus

    Mitt believes in multiple running mates.

    • jasonn13

      Now THAT’S funny!

    • Gary

      Haha…. No. He doesn’t.

    • Dangerous Dave

      Klaus, you’re just another religious bigot. Where’s the religious tolerance? You sound like a Nazi, Klaus. Don’t eat the schnizel, it’s laced with schnauzer!

      • Apachecav

        Dave sorry but cults do not qualify as religion… Take your ignorance elsewhere

      • Klaus

        It was Congress in 1890 who were the bigots, who hated the First Amendment, who hated religious freedom, who told the cult (this forum censors the M-word) no statehood for Utah unless they changed the foundation of their faith. So, the M-word President, Wilford Woodruff, lied and claimed Christ came to him and told him polygamy was as out of fashion as the Old Testament, so he changed the religion to appease the bigots in Congress and won statehood for Utah.

    • Apachecav

      I agree that is hilarious!

  • Jim

    Condoleezza Rice !!

  • Angus Thermopyle

    Santorum is done. He has did a fine job of helping point out the crazed fundies to the rest of us, so there’s that.

    • Klaus

      Mitt’s dad was born in a polygamy colony in Mexico. Who you callin’ crazed fundies?

      • Dillon

        What’s Romney’s dad have to do anything about the race? No one gets worked up about Barack Obama being a bigamist who later worked in the oil industry before drinking himself silly and dying behind the wheel of his car.

      • Klaus

        Dillon, I admire the fact that Mitt’s great grandfather took the family out of America to Mexico so he could practice his First Amendment right in a polygamy colony down there. He had to leave America to do it because of the bigotry in Congress. What I don’t like are religious leaders who flip-flop on matters of faith to serve mammon, which is what the cult in America did. Why is polygamy illegal while adultery is legal in America? One confines sex to a committed relationship. The other is a sin. In the Great Satan, the sin is legal, but plural marriage is not.

  • Angus Thermopyle

    Great, Klaus. Now I have “Mostly Me” from The Book of Mormon stuck in my head.

    • Klaus

      Newt only proposes to colonize the moon, but Mitt gets to colonize an entire planet after he dies.

  • Michael Baram

    The problem with Rubio is that his parents weren’t citizens when he was born, so he doesn’t meet the “natural born” standard, and you can be sure that, despite all the questions about Obama’s citizenship status, the Democrats will use that fact to challenge and destroy Rubio.
    I’d love to see Allen West as the VP candidate.With his military background and the disproportional representation of Blacks in the armed forces, he’d pose a serious threat to the Democratic ownership of the black vote. Plus, since he was elected for a 2-year term, it’s not like he’d be accused of “quitting in mid-term”.
    Of course, I wouldn’t put it past Democrats to try to assassinate him….after all, they have 150 years of experience, starting with Lincoln’s murder.

    • sailordude

      What are you talking about? This has never been address and the liberal media would have talked about his eligibility a long time ago. I’ve even heard about Romney’s citizenship but never Rubio’s, you are out of line.

    • Klaus

      Was Rubio’s birth certificate made with the same version of Photoshop Obama’s was?

    • Terry K

      You do not understand the “natural born” standard. It has nothing to do with one’s parents’ lack of citizenship unless they happened to be foreign diplomats which they were not. Marco Rubio was born in the United States. Case closed. No, there was no case in the first place.

      • Karl

        Natural Born does not mean born on US soil (that is the requirement just be a regular old Citizen, hence all the anchor babies). NBC means born of Citizen Parents, which was not the case with Rubio, he knows it, he believes in the Constitution, and thus will not accept the VP’ship if offered.

      • Jim

        Actually, there are two ways to be a US citizen
        1) Citizen by right, or
        2) through “naturalization”
        “natural born citizen” is a person who is a US citizen not through naturalization or citizen by right – which, BTW, you are if you were born in the US.

      • Terry K

        Karl… read the Constitution. It does not define it. But the couts have. You are simply wrong.

  • deuce1984

    Rand Paul possibly. The party is moving in that direction with the young republicans. All of Ron’s support would be clinched and the future of the party would be more clear.

    • Klaus

      No. Freedom is so 19th century. The future of the GOP is with La Raza.

    • Philip

      Not exactly. We are writing in Ron Paul. No if, and’s, or but’s.

      • Klaus

        Nobody But Paul. 6200 in the crowd at Chico State yesterday, while the presumptive nominee could only draw 1250 at the Detroit Lions stadium. Presumptive nominee, indeed.

    • fntsmk

      BS. RAND Paul won’t work for the likes of Romney. Even IF RAND Paul wanted to be POTUS on day, why would he wait 8 years to run as VP under Romney, when he could run in 4 years after Obama has finished destroying the country?

      You people who think “Ron Paul supporters will come around,” are delusional. There’s only one thing a Paul supporter will NOT do for Dr. Paul, even if he asks us to, and that is vote for ANY GOP candidate other than Ron Paul, even if RAND were VP which is useless. What would be the point. Paul voters have signed the pledge: We write in Dr. Paul on our ballots, vote 3rd party, stay at home, or vote Obama to take the Media Picked candidate down.

  • FC Dobbs

    The country is not likely to see two middle-aged white guys on any major ticket again

    • carney3

      Wrong. Whites are the majority population of America, and disproportionately represented in the presidential level talent pool. Men are disproportionately more likely to be career high achievers since they don’t need to take time out for child-bearing and have more ambition- and competition-promoting testosterone. Middle age is when people reach their career peaks and have enough gravitas to become president. Younger is too young, older is too old.

    • Klaus

      Santorum-Gingrich 2012 in Tampa this August!

  • Amish Miner's Coalition


    • sailordude

      Ugh, he’s busy pawning reverse mortgages.

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